Thursday, March 22, 2018


Holy Moly its been so crazy LONG!! But im here still kicking!!

Abel's House Is going strong Im so proud!! I hope you are all proud of me.
Abel and Maddy are so Big and GROWN im so proud I had a new baby Her name is Mila shes 1.5 years old and a Doll. Im Married to a great man. We have overcome sooo much and Im so proud of how far we have come and I have only Jesus to thank you. I have a new business I love!! Its amazing how financially blessed we have became at the same time of helping others change their financial lives by restoring others credits. CHECK my business out at It has done so much for me and my family and I hope if you are interested in becoming a credit client or better yet become a agent and work with me. The Commission is amazing !!
 Maddy is so smart and great Im so blessed to be this littles girl momma. Check us out !! JOIN ME!! This is the best network marketing company you can join me here CLICK BECOME A AGENT!! OR CUSTOMER Whatever the decision its the best thing you ever done.

I plan to keep and start posting more I love my life....its amazing how far I have came, I hope you are proud of me.... Love Monica...xoxoxox

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Jelousy and Gossip sickness.

I don't like to gossip. If I say something anything its a fact that I know and only know from hearing it from the source. If someone doesn't know the truth then why start talking about something you don't know? That is that sickness called gossip. Gossip is life crushing, relationship killers and just plain sad. Life is hard already, but then to gossip and assume something you have no idea about makes you a unhappy person. So, lets go over some of my ideas about Gossip. 
1. Don't Do it. (shut it done right away) and advise the other person you cant be gossiping about something you don't know.
2. Find the facts...Ask the person who is being gossiped about,why and if they need help. You are their friend or family member right, and if your gossiping, their must some sort of a problem right so instead of just shaking your head and saying poor thing, extend a helping hand to a person who needs help instead of talking about them.
Why be Jealous? You need to Love yourself. People that are Jeleous of others must be miserable in their own skin. I never get Jeleous of anything, maybe if Gabe doesn't pay attention to me, or something but otherwise nothing of anyone elses success make me Jeleous, they make me excited for them. I get excited when one of my family or friends get a house, a new car, go on a trip I saw WOW so cool, I bet its exicting, congrats.  I get excited when someone makes their goals, and dreams come true I feel like I did do to watching them make their dreams come alive.I get happy and proud for them. NEVER JEALOUS.  
So the next time you catch yourself, being a hater and Jealous of someone successes check yourself. 
2. Re-evaluate your own goals...and start doing them!! Maybe you wouldn't be such a hater if you focused on yourself rather than other people. 
3. Attempt to make your goals. Its going to be hard...but you have to do it, or else your gonna be a hater forever with no direction in life...SO CHANGE NOW its only for your  happiness. 
God is good. The first thing before you do anything...IS TO FORGIVE YOURSELF....Let go of the past.....MAKE THE FUTURE WHAT YOU WANT and always put Jesus first. If you can follow these will be happy, and life will be beautiful. As you look at my blog from a few years back, it was sad, I was so scared, I had no one really to turn too...but I didn't give up. I cried alot, told not look scared be fearless alot...People loved to see me down...Unknowingly I didnt know that...and now that Im not they dont like it, but its okay, I will continue to pray and love them no matter what. 

Friday, June 5, 2015

Losing Sense of Self

Do you  get so busy that you really dont what your doing. lol..I do. I am so freaking busy always putting out fires everywhere I turn. I tell myself, need to slow down.
This is me today being selfish with a selfie. The Only time I get to myself is in my car to think and Plan whats next. From meetings, to dinner to getting everyone ready for school or their sports Im it. As Single Mothers we are always it. Sometimes It can get overwhelming right? Well, Thats the way life is girls, too dam overwhelming and its our Job to make it look easy.  I have realized lately I am not keeping up with my doctor appoinments because I am so busy working towards building my dreams to change the world. 
Im not going to do any good not taking care of myself and you arent either. Lets reflect on what would happen if we werent able to do what we do...UMMMM Chaos...SO the goal is to take care of ourself. I been taking a bootcamp class I try and go every day at 530am as long as I get to sleep by 10ish..If not its a hike or the Gym or take the stairs wherever I am but bootcamp has done me good I feel so much stronger and weight wise..I have lost 20lbs. 

SO whereever you are right now. Please stop crying about your situation cause it could be worse....Seriously. I have so many freaking health issues and I dont complain for nothing because Im just happy to be here still. 

God is good. 

I have had brain tumors and a Masectomy...everything else wrong with me is just a irriating issue I struggle to keep up with lol....

These are the links to all my projects. Support the Mission that God sent me on. I am so thankful he sent me this work they are my life.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

I told Abels dad not to call

I don't know what the hell happened lately but this day that you asked about your dad finally has come. He asked me mom what's my dads name again? He never sees him except maybe twice a year for 15 minutes. I keep in touch with him when i need money for his birthday or Christmas this last year I didn't contact his dad for anything, it just didn't seem worthy or I didn't need to ask anyways. Well, this past Friday my developmental delayed son asked his dad's name although he was sidetracked by his sister cause she was talking to him in the car I couldn't help but freeze and tears came out. My heart has Learned and accepted that his dad is lost in a word of drug dealing and strippers. His dad has no body on his mind but himself I received two child support checks his whole life which shows how he keeps jobs. Another weird thing happened on Saturday night his dad called to "check on Abel" because he said I called him. I never called him. I told him I didn't call you he says yes you did I see the missed call "no I didn't" he says owell I'm gonna call you Tommorow so I can take him out for pizza the classic end to a conversation that never really will happen in reality last time he took him for pizza he was four my son is now 7.5years old. I was laying Down crying last night and something came over. Me. I text his dad I checked my phone no one ever called you from my phone. You don't need to call Abel once a year anymore it's just almost silly now. I don't need money or nothing from you Abel doesn't even remember you so need for the false promises cause he doesn't remember you and I don't need your money or better your Peter piper promises, you choose Your lifestyle over your soon so enjoy, and I'm sorry but I think honesty will help you learn what you done. His dad's text response. "Stop texting me." Wow, not even a im sorry I'm ashamed he didn't know my name he even laughed when I told when we're taking its. So weird you call Abel was asking what your name is and he laughed. Dedicated to men like that guy your lost in the sea of sin and don't deserve a beautiful child that will love you unconditionally your fate is coming snd God can see you.  
Dedicated to my beautiful son. "I love you bubbas we have been through so much together you have inspired me to work so hard so your never without, so you can have everything you want and things only get better and better for us. You are such  a lucky little boy who's life inspires many because you are the reason for and you changed my life in tons of ways now I use that fire you gave me to hopefully change the world. So many people love you, and adore no wonder you forgot that guys name he doesn't matter anymore and actually never really did. I love you baby the sky is the limit. Mommas here😍.

Monday, January 26, 2015

The Phoenix Princess Sweetheart Pageant 2015

The valentine pageant is coming up and I'm so proud!!!  If you don't know about this pageant we are not like any other ones!!! All the contestants are highlighted and showcased all of the contestants leave with a positive memory and friendships they  will never forget. Enter now in this BASED out of Phoenix ARIZONA PAGEANT all states are welcome to enter. 
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Pictures with the kids a little over a week ago. My kids are handfuls, well all kids in general right. 
Something about these pictures makes me think wow, I'm so normal now. I remember how scared I was to be a single parent, then thrown into being a special needs parent, then a masectomy, then brain surgery, reconstruction surgeries, brain tumor radiation going to school, graduating starting a non profit from the ground up. I mean I was scared to death of everything. 
God heard my prayers. God heard every single one. Without The Holy Spirit in my soul and our father lord Jesus he is the strength that carried me through everything and still carries me today. Isn't God amazing!!  I challenge
You this if you are reading this today take time to pray, Sit down alone and really pray things of the world will try and side track you but get back on and give God your heart. Please now is the time to change your life and turn to Jesus. 
The picture above is last week at my neurologist one year after radiation we looked at two other brain tumors that were radiated to see how they are, thanks to Jesus they are dead. 
Change your life now, surrender to Jesus he died on the cross for us. So we can be redeemed and delivered. Now is the time remove people who bring you down only keep people in your life who love Jesus. Become so hungry for the lord that you don't want nothing else more than to hear the word. Life can make us sick. People can make us sick thoughts can make us sick as well. Be free of all that and let Jesus in your heart. I know this post is Meant for someone, Jesus called on me to tell you be free now let it go and your free. God is good and I love you Jesus your the almighty king of kings all knowing all seeing all forgiving I thank you Jesus for the air I breathe this morning, a roof over me and my kids heads and a bed to sleep in thats a blessing thank you Jesus for providing for  me and my children. 

Friday, November 28, 2014

Motherhood, losing it, being overbooked.....aeggggg

 I haven't been keeping up with all the craziness going on...I been so busy in the last few months I jumped to my throat.....on my last go back..I took the kids and my mom Julian was with us to San Diego for a week we went to Universal Studios and Sea world and spent a week on the beach.
I came back and took gabe to Vegas for his birthday.....within hours I was on a plane.....Update you later on those shenanigans.

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