Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A new Image plastice surgeon visit...

I went today. I actually held a implant in my hand. EWww it felt weird. But I started the process to get it done. Im going to have a simple masectomy done. Basically they are going to take all the filling out of my breasts and replace it with an implant. At least i will still have my nipples. ;-) Gone will be the day of getting breast massages, but at least I will look cool..heheh It should be fuller in my front I guess. Today I also took the baby to the dr, and they want to take his tonsils out and adenoids out. UGHHH the idea of lmy lil angel going under anthesia is so awful, hes going to be in the hospital too OMG. He will be okay. Hes an angel and the angels will be there everyminute taking care of him. Well, lets see how tommorow goes. This is the third day of no throyid medicine. ugh. im tired. i think.
SOoooo. Thats it. Thats it for today.
Things are looking up. At least I wont have breast biopises and pain. My dream of fully breast feeding another baby are gone, but at least I could get them the best formula right? If I ever have another baby anyways....Abel needs a sister but i need a good man for maybe when I get my inmplants in a few weeks...hahahah im kidding

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