Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Scary Attorney Visit today...

Me and Gordo woke up today and kind of hung out home today, watching Dora and relaxing he was tired. Anyways, its like we can do nothing anymore its too crazy hot. When I took him to daycare late this afternoon, he kissed me. He loves daycare. Thats only reason i feel okay with leaving him. He actually loves. Believe or not, our little daycare he goes too takes very very good care of my son. They are almost like a mini family to us. Well, after daycare today I went to see an attorney in regards to my throyid surgery in 2001. I brought them my medical record and watched these strangers read through personal medical record. Its their job yes, but I can help but think WHY. Why am I going through throyid problems again, at the same time im going trough breast problem agains its soooo weird right and soooo scary. But thats what frustrates me, I want to know why, I dont want money but what if I do have cancer now? Why did they leave it in there.....what What should I do? I will keep doing what i always do, staying strong and being smart is all I can do. I cant give up. Theres no way I could my son needs me, and thats all that important.
Another landmark today and yesterday for that matter. Yesterday Dr, Wiggenhorn ordered a thryoid uptake scan. The only catch is I have to be off of my throyid medicine for six weeks. That could be a bad thing because what if I dont really have a thoroyid? The attorney and two other doc including my PCP said to follow the order.... I hope it works, and nothing really really bad happens to me. Well, I also made an appointment for my plastice surgeon tommorow. lol i never thought I would be seeing a plastic surgeon till i was successful when I was 50 and could afford it...lol.. So to end the day up its soooo funny One of my auants told me after I told her whats going on that Im not a good parent, because I told her my son was constipated today and because im just toying with the idea of potty training . She said she heard im never home, so how am I going to potty train my son, and he needs a parent, a parent she kept saying. lol. Im not going to get mad at her, I love her. I wanted to tell her you know what???? I go to a university!! I work!!!Im having my breasts cutt of, my throyid again, maybe colon which is next and unless you have cameras in my home to tell me that im never home than shut up!! lol and if im not for any reason, I am not just fiddling around!!
I am always home with my son. The only time we are away unless I have too be away. I dont leave him at daycare and then go to the club. What the heck is she thinking. She always tells me my mom raises my son. Oh please. My mom is a nana and if she wants to scold him or be with him to help me get ahead in life, let her. Leave her alone Stop Judgeing people and be happy. Trust me if my mom didnt want to help she wouldnt. I been living with her for 30 yrs so i got a pretty good idea of what she will do. lol My poor auant, shes so mean. But we still love her.
Ughhh as if I dont have enough things going on as well, im in summer school, and in math I have a D...Dplus so I still have a chance. SO I am praying and I want you to pray wit me....Dear god please keep me sain right now, give me the energy and the strength to not be scared. I heard and felt you this afternoon when you knew i was scared and you knew to put your hands on me. Thank you lord, thank you for another day.

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