Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I got my surgery...!!!!!!

Im sooo late at updating this. I got my surgery at Banner Gatway hospital in gilbert arizona today! The surgery took almost three hours and I actually felt minimal pain when i left. I could have stayed but when i woke up all I thought about was my bed and my home....and said I wanna go home, i feel better than i thought I would, and so there it is there. Done. I still have some breast tissue but all the other bad yuckie Atypical hyperplasia is gone.
Let me back track and tell you how finally that my state insurance said this will be the right thing to do. After two appeals with the insurance I decided to take them to appeals court in our states appeals department and then after that it was time to get the lawyers ready because I and them were preparing for a lawsuit. My doctor Dr. Ronald Weiner was willing to give his medical opinion and help me show them that this is the way to treat my condition. I have severe fibrocysstic disease and now pre-cancer 5 spots...I mean hello. Days before court the medical director overturned the decision and here I am this evening, all safe at home with no pre cancer cells. I thank god for guiding dr weiner and the team in taking care of me and helping me get better, and miss margarita his assistant for being a guiding angel. I just feel so lucky and blessed and actually had a very good surgery and would do it again if I had too. ;-) It was a miracle. God bless my mother, my boyfriend Daniel for helping take care of my love of my life, my son abel and being there for me alll the time all my family friends for their words of encourgement and all the pretty flowers I feel like a million bucks right now. ;-) Now to get rid of my throyid surgery, follow up on my tumor and keep praying to god for my life he gives me everyday, and my beautiful son I get to love. I am so blessed and I owe it all to Jesus, he is the almighty son of god and my creator I thank you lord for every every precious minute of my life and my families lives. Amen.

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