Friday, November 13, 2009

It was Tough getting them out...

Me today at Dr Weiners office counting the minutes till my bandages are off
Thats what Dr weiner said. He said my tissue looked very different than the normal tissues and he wouldnt be suprised if it came back as something we dont want. What if it does come back as something bad....going throuh another sorry I dont want to do that...So im going to put out the energy that I dont have to and can be okay. Its tooo dang much right now. The bandages came off....I dont wnt to look at my boobs....I wont look at them in the mirror for is badly brusied because he said the fibroyoids would not come off...but eventaully they did and he had to cut me so their is a big cut on one.....nothing i can cover with makeup.....
Like i was saying.....MY mom can only help me so poor mom she is helping me so much and going through this with me every minute. I know sometimes she can get but she is my best friend and without her....i have no idea what i would do. She like the super force behind everything and i try and do everything like her. Im trying to perfect it and maybe one day I will be such a good mom like her. She does everything so effortlessly trying to make sure im okay, Im so lucky. Im happy i have her here with me. We ate at comedor Gudalajara today and she said we cant be eating out we need to watch our wastelines lol....I said who cares lets just watch it get bigger...she laughed I said besides you always taught me when I get upset to go out to eat and it will feel better she says well we must get upset alot lol....Im going to say this pray right now...Dear lord thank you for my life, thank you for leading me to the right doctors that are healing me through you lord thank you for saving my life, thank you for my family and thank you for giving me the strength of what it takes to understand how much i needed my surgery and how much healthier I already feel thank you for blessing me with the courage to fight whoever and whatever i need to to help me stay alive for my son because he is the best blessing you could ever give me. Thank you god, for everything and thank you for sending down the best doctors for my surgery to work with dr weiner and margarita. amen.
I told my mom today I dont even want boobs anymore their dumb....she laughed and hugged me.

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