Thursday, December 10, 2009

Rough day

I was a mess yesterday. I guess I finally let it out. Its okay im proud I did. Im embracing the changes in my body and actually feel alot better. I read a story about a 25 year old girl and how she got diagonosed with metastic breast cancer after she was married for nine months and for the next two years her and her husband fought and fought till she passed away last nov. Poor girl she was so young and wanted to live. Here I am all worried about nothing. SO I cant breast feed. SO what. My lumps were coming out in the milk did I wanna  give that to the way.....MY breast will get feeling back and  I will be okay. I just pray to god that my mind stops racing.....i feel alot better. My game is over with the breasts. IS this lump it, is this one it. 17 yrs of that. GOd is good to me I know he loves me and my son and im going to be okay. I just know it.

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