Sunday, February 28, 2010


It has forver since I have been on here. Im sooooo much better. Im not losing my mind anymore. lol. I never was it was just me. I still havent had my corrective surgery but am going back to the plastic surgerons office. I sure hope he has good news for me, Summer is coming up and I want to wear tanks tops. Hullo....;-) Lately I have been overstressed. Im so deep in school and work and the baby, its feels so overwhelming and trying to be able to buy a house. I need a home, really bad. I mean i do have one, I live with my mom but now, im just so frustrated of being here. I cant live at my moms house anymore its going to drive me insanne. TO top it off she bugs me when I ask her to watch him so I can study, she bugs me about every aspect of my life and im fed up. Today she spanked my son.  I dont even spank my son. She got mad because i told her not to do it......she was in shock I said dont do that, dont do that!  I dont even do that. My son was crying becuase he was tired and she decided to spank him why he was on his stomach crying trying to get in bed. Shes not talking to me and I dont care she shouldnt be hitting peoples kids...sorry Im venting on here but  I think my mom is in my life too much and im going to get her out. Im not saying that i dont love her, Im just tired of her in my life. She always asks about my boyfriend, I dont tell her anything, I dont confide in her like i use too and im not....I feel bad but im gonna pray about it and ask god to help me with this one. I love you Jesus you are so wonderful.

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