Monday, July 19, 2010


I got weak yesterday. I was sad I let stuff get to me. Talking to Daniel does not help me,...I dont know why i do this to myself...Even  getting harrassing calls from larrys strippers is not  helping me at all. I keep asking god how did I get blessed with another baby at this point in my life..?? I dont really understand right now..but i need to keep my head up. Im trying so hard with so many people judging me right now and asking questions it feels weird. Its like a secret to me or something..its not something I randomly brag about or something.
I guess its my living situation, work situation and everything in between just adds up, not to mention my truck its driving me nuts. I pray that god finds me another job. I been up since two am finishing notes and have to be to work by eight. I pray that god gives me strength to stay away from daniel and get child support from larry and move on. I wish I could stay home with my son so bad.  I have to be the bread winner for him. I just wish one day God would send us a good man that will love us and we will love him back.

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