Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Me and abel went to the pioner museum in flagstaff a few weeks ago
I been having so much fun. Me and abel went to flagstaff together it was beautiful. We had a nice drive it was peaceful. I needed that drive to clear my mind and get some thoughts together. It was great, it was life changing. During that drive I prayed hard. In fact I prayed the whole time. I got a stronger sense of clarity and my faith become stronger and more knowledable in fact of what is the next step for me and and my family. I leared alot about my thoughts and what upsets me, and I prayed to let that go. I  dont worry about things anymore like I was because I dont need too, God has a plan for me. Ever since then I have noticed how people close to me have made comments trying to judge me or say things that could potential harm me emotionally. It doesnt work. I just ignore negavitty block it,and pray for the person that trys to steals my happiness one day they find the peace that I have cause the future has nothing but love and happiness and im thankful for it, thank you Jesus this single mom is floating on a cloud, Jesus has put his hands over me and I just let him guide the way.

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