Monday, September 27, 2010

Dreams of snakes....and reptiles...

As if theres not enough going on with me....My whole day was weird when I woke up from probably the worst nightmare I ever had last night. I dreamt a snake bite me between my thumb and index finger. I dreamt I kept trying to cut off a big lizards head but couldnt. I dreamt the snake that bite me got away in water and I told people hes getting away! and they said thats okay. lol. Saturday I got some crank calls on my cell phone which i never do. Maybe its larry stalking me since I called his PO, and thankfully havent heard a peep from him, which is healthier for me because hes just pure evil in human form. Did I have the dream because im worried about my baby....that is true, Im stressed. Work is really taking a toll of me, or really lack of work is. My finances are not even worthy of anything right now. I think the bum down the street has more money than me. Thats okay though. It wont be for long. I went on a job interview and I wanted that job so bad, but one of the interviwers kept looking at my tummy. I did really well on the intervview im just not sure if they want to hire a pregnant women. Today I didnt go to work, I didnt really want to do anything, my mom was late this morning, which made me get abel to school late, he missed the bus so I didnt even take him to school he had more fun at the splash pad anyways, I spent my last ten bucks on some burger king for us, and I did everything I can to not work today and it worked. It worked out so it doesnt look like I called in, I can always do that with my work, its pretty nice but i just rescheduled a visit with one of the kids. Im going to pray all night tonight. I pray that whatever that was just leaves me alone and I rebuke it in the name of Jesus. It really really has me thrown off, but ill get over it, I always move on after anything else.

Monday, September 20, 2010


Its so late on a sunday early monday morning, but I was thinking about last week. Thinking about how I called Larrys probation officer, and the police and reported all the harrassing phone calls and even told PO im going to get a order of harrassment. I havent got the order but plan to monday, but Ihavent received a phone call txt nothing. It felt good to do that. For once I really didnt give a shit about what happens to his ass. Enough is Enough.  We dont need him, We never did.   Daniel and me are getting along, its nice to get along with him, but Im not sure if its a permeant things, but the feeling of normal life feels good sometimes. He kissed my tummy and said I love you madison. Im thankful for him most of the time, cause hes the only person on the planet that endures my crazy ass right I txt him all day screaming and crying as I keep trying to find a job and he always manages to make laugh or tell me to get it together. lol. Saturday I went to banner estrella to register for a bone marrow drive for a guy that has lekuima my friend lucy knew everyone it was really cool, and I was happy to be there, and maybe be a match.  I almost was in his shoes when I was in the hopsital in oct 2008 remember they said I have bone marrow cancer, and maybe leukemia but two weeks later I had nothing....MIRACLES....I tell you, they are all around me.... I love my life. I love where its going. Its not perfect, Im pregnant...frustrated cry all the time  but you know what....Its my life and its awesome. This Logo totally describes not playing anymore....and hes going to find out.

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