Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving...Fullness...learning....and constant change....

Thanksgiving Day 2010....Wow awesome...I woke up at 6am pulled out my laptop looked up how to cook a turkey...and did it. I never have cooked turkey....and it was easy.I bought the food for thanksgiving and thought my mom was going to cook it but was informed that she wasnt because no one appreciates her. I dont know why she said that...but I dont have time to worry Im eight months pregant now...have christmas to worry about...and still working barely...even if its 10 hours a week im working....I have learned to be able to streach money and ways to cut corners and basically do with out most of the time. I thought about what i am thankful for  and im thankful for my son, he brings so much peace and joy to me, im thankful for ASU for putting my name on a degree that I worked so hard for, Im thankful for my job where in dec I have been there threee years and they have been so flexiable with me...its a true blessing. Im even thankful for them I wouldnt have survived the hospitals and future hospitals for that matter...Its the best 90dollars a month I spend...that saves me when Im sick. Im especially thankful for GOD, hes number one he keeps teaching me and showing me that I can do anything, I can be a good mother, I can be a role model for my children, I can provide and showing me how to utllize anything I can to benefit my children and I. Im trying to get used to saying kids plural....Im a mother of two....a single mother of two.....A actually very single mother of twoo I also learned this weekend...but Its live and learn I guess and dont do it again right?
I think my blogs one day might be like a single moms memoir or something...of how the things we go through and learn about ourselves our kids...people who come in and out of our lives....this saturday me and abel went to encanto park with david and his grandaughter. Shes a lil sweetheart and  abel likes her alot...they had had a blast.
My son sometimes get really excited, hes kinda hyper sometimes but hes three...he acts like hes threee...I got my feelings hurt...because well....of course my situation is odd...for any man to come into....a preganant women with a three year old boy....with all my issues...all my health problems....who would really be able to walk into that...and take on a almost husband and fatherly role???? IT take a strong person, and a person with no barriers no exceptions no judgements. Before David...I was set on not dating ever...I know it sounds weird but i didnt want to bring anyone else in my world...there is just tooo much going on...

but I did....Im thankful David is here, Im thankful hes a postive influence for me. I need a good directional leader like him and im enjoying him to say the least. This past saturday...was a lil was like the frist time we were alone with kids his grandaugher my public a little stressful because we dont know how it is with kids in public together...and I just assumed he would help alot but had some problems with understanding abel...but im assuming it was just confusion.

Abel is hard sometimes...hes very active, very curious very could be alot for someone to understand who isnt around kids alot or really have any of their own....I mean before I had kids I used to run from people with kids...especially like then again...I didnt have the love in my heart back then like I have now....
So I could understand his frustrations no family is perfect especially just starting out. I hope this was just a wrench in the game that we can use it just to tighten any loose ends to see if we all are meant to be a unit...a family unit....Right? Thats just what any single mother wants a family for her and her kids so she can do what comees naturally to her...and thats motherhood....and womenhood....
Needless to say things are contining to go well....I have a few weeks left in my pregancy....I have almost everything I need for my job is preparing for me to be off......I actually cant wait to be off...I need it...I need to be home with my kids right now....I have so much to prepare for next year....Surgeries...Moving..paying off Bills...working.....buying a house..graduate school.....Disneyland...I wanna go to vegas with david....taking care of abel and madison and my David....

Whatever it is im thinking I have to be like Walt Disney.....and KEEP MOVING FORWARD>>>>>>>

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.

Walt Disney

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