Sunday, December 12, 2010

Phoenix First Assembly of God..Spirt of wonder christmas play...

My Mom and abel at the play he had a blast!

If you havent been GO!! its the best thing you could ever see. I was so proud to be there today and proud to take my son to a play i used to see when I was a little kid. I thought it was the best thing. It was I felt so free so blessed to be there.

Its kinda late im probably not gonna write alot but I am gonna tell you yesterday I stayed all night and day making tamales by myself and they came out sooo good im so proud.  I told my mom today after the play well mom its official I finally cook. clean, Im making sure tamales and menudo are a regular for me on christmas for my kids, I bear children I have a resume, I graduated college im officially a women now allI need is a .she laughed.  Im having some contractions right now, and to be honest with you they hurt....I know im being a baby but.....maybe its stress....u know sometimes the stresses i talk about like anyone elses fears....of not being able to do enough to provide....Its just hard being a single mom, scary, I feel like I sound like a classic single mom story but im not, I dont think so....I just have alot going on and shouldnt be adding more to with men....David is around....and around  Idont know what else to say about him but only time will tell Until then this women has somethings on her mind....Have Madison, Get my career going that i worked so hard for, schedule surgeries right after madison, Buy a house....Lowrider baby, phoenix princess, graduate school.  Im not gonna stop....I will  attain success or die trying
Me.....Monica 37 weeks prego after Lowrider baby photo shoot....

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