Monday, January 31, 2011

Back to New Image .and SOME BIG behaviors!!

Maddy is starting to feel better!! yeah maddy...Happy one month !! Its 10:30pm...over barely getting some rest..well free time Im on the internet eating a nutty bar and its sooo good right now. The baby is in the swing next time looking at me so cute and big abel is asleep finally. These past couple of weeks have been so hard for abel and me. We are adjusting to the new baby and our new life with her. Abel seems to be having some attention seeking issues right now and has subdued to start hitting and slapping me. Its painful I mean super painful, hes is a three year old but can pack a strong decided on a plan for him..I could admit I was trying to spank him on the bottom and tell him why he is being spanked and time seems to sort of work...but now he thinks he  can just hit me when hes mad so that was a bad idea, I been ignoring him...sort of working until he calms down...time out is working im trying to be stern trying to make my voice deep since their is no man really around for him...maybe a deep voice would do the trick right. Im trying everything and keeping him on a daily schedule and not giving up on helping him understand that nothing has changed in our lives and I love him to death so much hes the apple of my eye, the love of my life the heart outside my body... I will do anything to make sure my son doesnt feel like he is left out or bad about our new addtion. He will learn that maddie is a good thing and will love her its an adjustment for us that is going to make our life better and I know that I have to remain solid and strong for him to help him understand. Everyone says well he needs a man to discipline him with his like okay can  you send a man over...Yes send a man over to discipline him thank you...SIGH.....Im not going to give up he will get over this phase my baby boy. 
Well on a brighter note... iwent to the Plastic surgeon on friday all excited I want to schedule my surgery finally FINISH my breast reconstruction and get this expander out and get my boobs to match each other in size..the dr. squeezed my boob a lil and milk came out. Hes like are you breast feeding? I said a lil. He looked so shocked and called the nurse in and told her and they said no way thats But your going to have to stop and come back in six weeks....urgggg I thought I wanted to get this done now before i go to work...again....I was a little upset but when i got to my truck I said well its almost over dont worry....and took some deep breaths and I actually love the drive to scottsdale...long drives im used to and they give me time to myself to clear up my thoughts I realized I have soooo much to do....good things but alot of work ahead of me..Finish my breast surgery throyid surgery....I need to start my business plan for the website...find a regular hour job...finish my credit cleanup...wait and watch it go up...and finally move into my own home....ahhhh my own home...sounds sooooo beautiful and awesome...a door I walk in and if their is a mess when I left soooo what Yesssssss!!!  My mess is so I better get my lil fingers a working cause in a few hours ms. maddy moo will be up to eat again...I love my life...all tired and all...

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