Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Good Days...

 I been having so many good days enjoying time with my kids its so great. I never had so much fun in I dont know how long. Its tiring of course but its fun, it feels good to rest and play with abel and hug madison.  This weekend I tried to go to the luke AFB air show...but arrived to late because i was waiting for my car because my mom was using it. That was cool we went to the park by my best friends house and I watched abel play for hours.
 He had a blast! Madison was so good too she didnt even cry the whole time. I love this pic abel look so happy hes such a blessing to my soul everyday I see him in the morning I melt...I love him so much hes my miracle I tell him everyday.
Ms. Madison is getting big!! She is three months almost!! Happy 3 month sweetie pie!! and you my lil love I look at you maddy and I cant wait till your a big girl so we can do girlie stuff what a lil angel you are.

Things are getting better for me...I dont cry as much because of my heartbreak....its getting better im just trying to understand why that happened...why did I fall in love with someone who was going to hurt me..to make me feel so lonely like I did something wrong?
The statement of I want to marry you but not your kids....was like nails on a chalkboard to me...;-( It continues to sadden me...but as the days go on it gets better...we talked and I was so excited but I dont know.he said what he said and thats what I have to remember. Hes letting his past ruin his future...;-( I have been guilty of that but I guess we all learn by mistakes. I dont him or any man...Im a educated women with a strong work history...Im smart, im beautiful its not like im not a good catch Im not trying to toot my own horn but beep beep..lol....Its his past thatt has him scared and not wanting to let us have our good life together. I wish his ex wife never did what she did to him...I wish all the stuff that people have done to me never happened but what setts me apart from him is that it doesnt ruin my future I let it go...I pray god please help him let it go even if hes not with me please help him let it go so he can happy and can move on. I hope he knows that he can be happy, and not letting himself be happy isnt right. I love you....baby...wherever you are.

My surgery has been moved to April 11...for my reconstruction....I dont know why but okay...and im going to vegas with roberta for salenas wedding april 1 and 2 im sooooo looking forward.... Im smiling...I feel good and know god has a plan for me, everything is the way he wants it. I love you Jesus.

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