Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Madison is two months already!!!

yesterday she got her two months old shots!!!

she is sooo cute!! I havent had a chance to sit down and write...and if I do I write for Robert towsends Diary of a single mom internet tv show. Isnt that soooo coool... Ihavent updated my blog in a lil while because I been enjoying my time off work with my babies. Its amazing to see madison and abel without these two little lights I have no idea where my mind would be. Im also following up on my thryoid surgery, my breast surgery I have to meet my favorite doctor today Dr. plastic surgeon everything is looking up...I bought abel a big boy bed, im looking for a nice tv for him...I am going to be taking a vacation soon with my kids. Everything will be awesome. One thing my friend heather gave me back my truck two month behind...;-( I dont want to give that problem more energy than it deserves house seems tto be getting farther away from me when I get close...but Im still keeping my head up....I cant give up my house dreams and i know it will be here soon enough.
I love life even more I havent been more happier than I am lately.....Once you let things go that bother you everything feels awesome. Larry abels dad meet us last friday to give abel money and spend some time with him....I wasnt even mad to see him or anything kinda of like hanging with a old friend. I did some research and abels child support is finally going through superior court!! good good news. That way I can have money for him without always having to stop everything like his dad want me too.
David is still here with me....dealing with barely getting to see him is hard...the hours of his work...our living mom in the middle of everything.....ugggg  Daniel is also around....hes okay too he helps me when I need to go to the dr and at least hes doing that....ugggg.. ;-)
No matter what happens Im one is taking my happiness away anymore....Im crossing my fingers I can get a job out of town. Yes I know it sounds crazy....but I think I will never have a opportunity for growth if I dont 100 percent......go far away on my own.....we shall see.......I love you lord.....I cant wait for my bible study class today

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