Monday, March 14, 2011

Robert Townsends Diary of a Single Mom

I am going to post a recent blog I wrote for the internet tv Show Diary of a Single mom. Im a blogger for them which I am very proud of by the way. I have always love to write since I could remember I used to write stories in elementary school and in high school I used to be on the school newspaper it was so fun. I used to have a colum called "Dear Monica" I wanted to take Dear Abbys place so bad. So in college it was either Journalism or Criminal Justice I eventually picked criminal justice. I picked criminal justice because a cop came to my house when I was little investigating because some one broke in and to me he was so cool for making sure my family was safe.
Here is the lastest blog I wrote for them, they  havent posted it yet... but I am very proud of this one...It seemed fitting to write it because of my recent broken heart...from my love David....and everything I been having to jump over and hurdle in the last few years...

Have you ever sat down and made plans and goals that you would hope to obtain in a time frame and then for whatever reason when you’re about to reach the finish line something happens causing you to have to hurdle over to get to your goal only to find out another hurdle springs up and another. People can say well that’s life you never know what’s going to happen right? As single mothers when we get a hurdle it’s a little harder for us because we are jumping those hurdles alone with our babies, and that alone can make it so tough and almost make you feel like giving up at times.  I have been there many times in the last few years feeling like giving up. Being a single mom is hard enough for us we want the best for our kids just like married couples do. When hurdles pop up for them they have each other to turn to for help to get over who do we have? Well we do have our kids they are always the best to get us through anything. I know times when I found myself crying quietly out of frustration because of my car breaking down my three year old was the first to hug and kiss me letting me know it will be alright. 2. We have our faith. Faith in God is the best way to be able to learn how to get through anything because once god knows you believe and you love him he will work miracles in your life and take care of you in so many ways. I always tell people God is my husband he always takes care of me when I least except it, that’s why I never doubt. 3. Support system that really care and loves you and understands you’re genuine in whatever help you need to get through. I was reading through a moms chat board and a women was talking about single moms saying that we chose our life style so we have a reason to be they “way we are” or an excuse and she doesn’t feel sorry for single moms only their children. She was asked sarcastically if she is married and her husband must be a perfect man and single motherhood probably would never happen to her.  I said well I feel sorry for your way of thinking because you have never experienced real life yet, and I feel sorry for you when you do because your kids will be the first one to suffer because you assume you’re perfect and have a disaster proof life.  I didn’t get  mad I was only being real with her. Single moms know what it’s like to really struggle. To really think fast on what to do when a problem arises because the majority of the time we have no one to turn to. What gets us through these times is our will to know we will get through and there is always a end to a problem that happens to us. Our cars will be fixed eventually, our kids who get sick will get better because we will take care of them, if we lose our jobs because we couldn’t find a babysitter or were late because of our cars we will always fix our cars and find another job right?  We will do all those things on little sleep to because we know our children need us. They need us to keep our heads up and teach them that life isn’t always easy but you can always jump those hurdles with strength and never giving up. That’s my life motto never giving up I want my kids to know that so when they become adults they will never give up just like I never and have the strength to jump hurdles and move those road blocks of life like I do.

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