Thursday, March 3, 2011

waiting for superman

I just finished watching waiting for superman....a documentary about how the nations school system is horribly failing our kids...   Only thing I could think of is okay if they are not teaching our kids the tools they need to  be sucessful in life or continued education....what kind of society are we producing because I can see it in my neigborhood already....shootings...young deaths and crime everyday...its crazy...its scary...its so worried about my kids education....I compare my education to the kids now... I feel like I got a good education...compared to the kids now...Although  i feel like alot had to do with my choice to study...on my own...and home life has alot to do with it..but if you really think about it...our societies crumbling..dangerously..!!! Without solid one knows what to do with themselves...its like a stew of societal so worried....what we can we do to help our kids?? We can focus on them and learning and teaching them as much as we can so they can be sucessfull in life..starting from reading to communications skills...Im going to start looking for scholarships for abel...and maddy.....

am I rattling..... ;-) No just being a concerned mommy...

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