Thursday, July 7, 2011


They led me.  They led me to see Alex the man that continues to change my life.  God works through people and things all the time on Earth and Alex is one of the rare gifts that he left us.
I had my appointment yesterday.I went to see a movie with my son before the appointment and the movie ended being longer than I thought all of a sudden I had this urge to go and run to go see Alex. I got up out of the seat so fast it felt like something grabbed my arm and made me feel like I had to run so I did. Me and my kids ran to the car and I drove to see Alex. I drove so fast it was dangerous so I know the angels were leading my car. I know they were talking to me I could even hear praying and I was crying all the way there. When I arrived I felt safe, I felt came it felt like everything went away.
When Alex worked on was like a miracle I could feel the tumor pulling and pulling out like there was a magnet on my head. I could feel it disolving like a bubble. It hurt of course but it was only Alex getting that  tumor out.
If you believe in Miracles believe in him, God is working through him hes a amazing person has saved so many lives and changed so many people. I know because im one of them. Thank you angels for leading me like you do and taking care of me, and thank you Jesus for taking care of me and loving me and letting me meet Alex because I know he saved my life.
If you dont do anything or have doubts dont...Dont doubt a gift and a miracle. Alex is just that. I feel so blessed and have so much love in my heart and peacefulness Thank you to my Angels, Jesus and Alex my team that loves me.

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