Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Continuing to Heal...

Woa...its 5 am and my whole body is in pain! Yesterday I  went to two aerobic classes and my body is hurting and I love it cause it means that something is happening. I finally decided to get rid of my baby pooch and extra weight im carrying im really really tired...of it. I should take before and after pics..right now I weight 180 lbs...so four hours of cardio a day...before surgery I think im gonna put a dent in that number fast.
Anyways I been okay still doing what I can do. My umemployment is still off for know I pray that they give it back soon, I wanna take abel to the movies and buy some things I need and Maddy needs. I went this Friday to my friend Jennys party she turned 35!  Im right behind her I love seeing my friend Jenny happy. Shes a fellow brain surgery winner she had brain surgery two years ago...and she is doing wonderful! Gotta love Jenny she is one of the true friends you dont get everyday.
My comadre Lucy turned 40 this weekend too..I was sooo upset I missed her Party but I had to pick up Maddy from Daniels to take her in to er...cause he said she had a fever.only reason I took her cause im neverous cause I havent got her test results yet...from the surgery but I will  this week...I know shes fine..Anyways Im hanging in their...life is like im a playground...you play you might fall but get up again and keep playing!!

YOu would be so surprised on how ABel is doing in school SO WELL>>>> he is talking alot  I mean alot!!! First day of preschool he said he is wrestling the fish...lol..He learned that from Robertas boy emilio..he really loves emilio he watches him sometimes and Abel loves him to death!
Their is Miss Maddy..in her new little jumper I love her so much...and Abel I love my lil Family I feel so blessed!!!!!!!!!!!! God knows I do and I pray that he continues to bless me and get me through everything like he always does!
ANyways have a blessed day world and make it  count we will never get today again...and Ill im gonna keep doing is keeping my head up..

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