Thursday, September 29, 2011


 The Dream Team I call of them!! THEY were my angels god sent to walk with me through this! M e and abel the  night before..
HI ALL! Im home I been home for a while now...4 days after the surgery. God works miracles and he worked one on me!!! I dont want to go in gory details because maybe you have a weak stomach. It is what it was Brain surgery. Scary I know...if you were like me and have to have the same surgery I looked online for peoples blogs to see what they said and only scared myself even more. Just the idea can make anyone scared to death for themselves...or if they know someone going through a pending brain surgery. Well as you can see my surgery was sept 12, 2011 at Banner Good Samaritan in phoenix arizona. I was scheduled to arrive at five am. THe night before some of my family and friends came over for a little bbq and some prayer to send me off to the hospital with love.
David my love...picked me up at mom got the kids go with my sis in wasnt supposed to be till 730am...
The ride up there was .....well weird...I kept asking David to keep driving and lets go a way I was serious he knew I was ...but we keep laughing about it..
During check-in  I was shaking....and kept saying this has to be a some way....
I ended up in ICU prep area....which was weird and blue and I kept David so close to one was their yet.
I had a special MRI that was supposed to be like a GPS and the had prob things on my head. David went in the MRI with me and stood next to the machine. It made me feel so good he was there. It made me feel so safe. Just thinking about it makes me cry..
I hadnt seen my mom after the MRI I was crying and scared...finally when they were wheeling me the hallway I saw my mom and my auants and yelled out MOM..and she came running and I said come with auants all hugged me...and we went in for the final parts before I go.
Everyone walked in with me and was crying...I felt scared more because their eyes...had such fear...I then remember the blue room...I was wheeled into and all kinds of people doing things and choking on the anthesia then waking up seriously head bandaged and wanting it off. I woke up proud though. I woke up thankful I felt free.!!
I was in the hospital four days..and amazed everyone. They thought I was going to have problems talking i had known my memory is fine.... I dohave some complications from the spinal fluid removal and have pain in my legs when i walk but it will go away i pray in time.
If your reading this and are in the same situation I was .Dont be afraid. Read my story MY testimony in life and know anything can happen when you have faith in God.  Find God hes right next you he will listen to your fears, and anything else and heal you. I promise.

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