Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I havent been on here for a while....meaning I havent got a chance to write. Its been three months post OP and Im doing awesome. Of course there is healing still going with sensations on the incisions and the left side of my face having cold and warmth sensations depending on what I eat if its hot or cold. My tounge numbs up alot but eventually stops after a while. I tell people you have no idea whats it like when your tounge is I forgot alot of things but remember things I normally wouldnt.
I really believe the brain tumor was causing me emotional problems and anger issues or something. I feel so relieved its out and so different its out its a new me. Im so much more relaxed and have a postive outlook on life. I started working as a substitute teacher and I love it alot. Im having fun going to different schools and learning how different age groups interact. I have even decided to become a certified teacher and go to real estate school at the same school. Hopefully by the first of the year I can square this away.
Things are looking up. A sad part if you read about me and my life is about my boyfriend David. We are no longer together and this was shortly after my surgery. It took me alot of crying, I mean the point I couldnt take it no more but its over. He even txt me he is getting married. I laugh at that because I doubt it, but dont have the emotions for him to really care. God knows my love for him was true and Im going to hold that close to me. As for dating anyone else very first boyfriend ever Gabe Mendoza is hanging out lol...hes cool hes really funny a nice healthy change to have someone around that actually helps with everything and just doesnt roll their eyes like David did. Gabe actually gave me money because he said he knew i needed it, something David never did. I shouldnt compare but its like wow what a difference. Gabe is even helping me with a fundraiser for my sons Friend from school who died in a accident in the parking lot here by my house. He was four years old.!/events/133016643478869/   here is a link to the event I am so excited. So christmas just passed im super broke but who cares lol..
I got everything for the kids I watched them open it. I loved it. Abel loves his bike Maddy her toys. God blessed us.  Another blessing im hoping is that Abels Dad pays his court ordered child support. That went down in Nov so im crossing my fingers he pays it cause it takes money to raise a kid. Men out there think they can get away with having kids and not paying for them no way no how....not right karma always gets you back worse....since he owes 14,000 back pay sorry buddy.

God is so good...>AND on Friday Maddy turns One and I turn 35!!!          im having a lil chin dig for Maddy burger.......anyways KIDS are sick its so rough and Im on xmas break from school....and taking care of my babies....till we meet again Blog.

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