Friday, November 16, 2012

Single Mom relationships..his kids...Our Future..

There comes a time in all relationships where either things go one way OR The other. Im stuck in between right now. There is huge story to tell of what happen between me and Gabes ex wife..but its not worth the typing lol...All I can say Is im unsure of where things are going anymore. I love him yes...but very confused. I do know one thing. My kids Love him to death. The kids sparkle when they see him. They are so precious they dont know what I go through on the outside. They just know love. SO I ask myself...what does a single momma do. Marry Gabe like he asked and deal with the constant of his overbearing ex wife and kids....OR something else?? I dont know what to do....Its not fair..Life is supposed to be Man WIfe...Kids...then end? right? Say a prayer for me world. Im at a standstill with this one. BTW Dont accept nothing but Love from the WORLD!! You are beautiful and worthy of all your desires in this life... I love you readers who are reading this. .Ill right more later.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Single Moms on Halloween..

Im having a amd the kids were getting ready for Halloween. Abel will be superman and Maddy tinkerbell. I was looking at them both while they watched Halloween cartoons their little faces so excited to get Candy tommorow. I wish I can keep them so small. They are so innocent to the world..they are so precious like two little glass doves on a shelf that if someone bumps it they could break. I cant stress more than over as a parent my goals for them is to create postive memories. I want them to remember their childhood and remember it golden. Im so tired. I feel like a Ton of bricks fell on me...but I have so much to continue doing...and have done today...I think as single moms....we just get used to the hardships of single parenting. Things like being tired are just part of our deal. I wouldnt be tired foranyone else...Good night World....Im watching Abel so happy watching Nightmare before Christmas on my phone he keeps singing this is halloween this is halloween.....Feeling so blessed to hear him sing.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Neurologist...FOr abel

Im going to a appointment for Abel to see about a neurologist and a developmental audiologist for my baby boy. I had a talk with his teacher and she says his class is not doing well for him. I didnt understand because i think he loves going to school, and improves all the time in his communication just from school. She said she is not sure of what he knows since he repeats everything. He does repeat at home but not every single thing. In not going to lose hope. I refuse to let this get a hold of my son and me. I refuse to accept that no one really knows the true reason of his speech problems and I will do everything and anything until we find out. This weekend I was blessed with a women's Retreat with My church in Payson, Arizona.

I prayed so hard for everyone I know. My number one prayer was for my baby boy. The holy spirt was there I could feel it in my tummy, I cried and cried the last nights service cause I prayed I said God here is all my problems on my back. Im going to let them go right you. I pray that you handle them the way you want and the ball is already rolling. I love you Jesus thank you for telling me what I need to do to save my son. xoxoxox

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Of everything Im doing in my crazy Life I finally brought my pride and Joy up to par. WWW.PHOENIXPRINCESS.COM This is my baby...let me know what you think.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Everything continues to go well in my business venture. The halfway house business is a very tricky one to understand but I am getting really and better on how it goes. We get people in they leave they stay. I worry about how to feed them, keep the cable on, and etc etc. I also assist them with their needs social and home needs. Im really proud of how I created work for myself. Its was I love to do. Im praying hard for my Nonprofit application to be done...and I cant start applying for grants. Its almost like Im at a stand still but in time...and hard work...I will create my agency.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pre-cooking Meals for the week.

Doesnt it sound long and time consuming?? pre-cooking for the week. YES people it is. This is something I am adapting to me and the kids lifestyles actually staying out of a drive thru. I cooked a huge Lasanga last sunday which fed me, the kids, my brother Gabe and anyone else who came to the house. I managed to keep us out of the drive thru this week. I made Pozole, chicken salad, and tuna salad. I think our bodies were in shock they werent eating some grease filled bad of crap like its used too because I feel like a million bucks. The tuna salad worked wonders. I ate five times a day and lost weight, gained energy and was happy the entire time. Maddy loved it as well. Abel not so much since he is very picky eater but I assume eventually he will understand that he must eat what I serve and thats the end of it. I am so busy so so so busy. I havent really talked about my new endevor to start a Non-Profit agency called Abels house. I opened a halfway house for men in south phoenix. Its called Abels house off of 7th street and southern. Its a home for me who want to remain off drugs and alchol and have a fresh new start in life. I help them with social service needs such as case management. Its really coming around and I am very proud and pray we obtain 501c status. Everything in the home has been donated and its very nice. We have three people living there and they are doing well. The house is on a acre and Im excited to put some chickens and livestock on the property. The economy was tough and so was my babysitting problems so what better thing to do then create my own Job. Im the boss and I love it.

My meals for the week I will update. Maybe it will help you too. It felt great to come home and have food ready made instead of stressing what to feed everyone. Something to think about.

Friday, October 12, 2012

ALLISON Tate Moms get in the picture

I recommend this article its so true. When we become a mom we sometimes lose our selves and things like "pictures" with us in them dont seem as important as they were before. Always remember we are still ourselves, and we are important too. It has taken me five years to understand and be able to process this. I havent bought myself clothes, shoes nothing really in five years. The new things I do have people bought for me. SO losing ourselves in everything, and wanting to create postive memories for our kids can be overwelming especially when trying to get that perfect shot, capturing their moment and even when it comes to ourselves. I always have problems with pictures because Im a single mom. Theres always been moments I want to capture with all of us in them, but no one taking pictures. SO.. im a pro at taking pictures of me and the kids with my cell phone and one arm. Its our job to capture those times and moments. They go by so fast and without a picture our kids could forget how innocent they once were. I especially want to make sure my kids have alot of pictures of me so they know how much I love them because tommorows not promised, you never know. God bless the moms out there who dont want to get in the picture...get in the pictures our kids will thank us for it later, our kids are beautiful because they will love us unconditionally for life. So thank you to Mrs. Tate for reminding the world.
Heres on of me and abel on his birthday weekend at universal studios 2012. As you see my pics in my blogs I took most of them. or asked someone to take them.. ;-)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

gall bladder Polyps...NO THANKS is a roller coaster. Yesterdays stresses then later more. My doctor called me and said I have polyps in my gallbladder that can turn into cancer so we have to watch them. I had a academy award moment afterthe call starting with WHY ME~~I would have been a contender with that monologue lol.. Well. I understand yes its only my gallbladder..but its more possible "cancerous" things in my body. I am very tired of surgery and health problems. I have been doing well I started to cook ahead for the week and love it!! I made tuna salad, chicken salad and lasana enough to feed fifty people..I put squash, brocilli, onions and everything in the lasana. I havent ate out and am going to the restroom everyday "bowel movements" everyday.... SO Im going to blame my eating habits, poverty streses and the weight I been carrying extra on me for five years. I feel like I lost weight already. I feel clean inside. I been ensuring I drink water until I cant take it. Little changes will change everything and I refuse to let the devil take my shine...Food is a gift from god. not a gift...veggies and fruits are....I Refuse to let life stresses cause me to not care about what I eat anymore....and have been changing everything little by little. I refuse to let this Life Stress and The Devils Attempts to BReaK mE.....sorry Devil this girl Is in love with Jesus and thats the end of it... In the name of Jesus I rebuke and Bind all spirts against my body NOW!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New days

I havent posted in a while!! My computer broke...;-( what a bummer poor laptop. Anyways the world is pretty happy and calm over here!! I have alot to say but so little time to say it in. We went to Abels Developmental Pediatrician today. She has the tendancy to upset me really bad. She says things that are off the way wall about Abel because he is still behind in his language although he constantly improves all the time. As parents we dont want to hear bad things never right? I said to her You know I understand and would accept the fact that if there is no hope for independance for him as a adult but I really dont feel the same way as you. Other people that know Abel also agree he is a very normal boy, and they agree he isnt that much far from his regular age, and people mature at their own speed. Hes only five how is he supposed to act? Abel isnt exposed to a fast culture in our lives, hes at a more old school speed lifestyle for a kid in my opinion. Not by choice but im guessing thats how I run things focusing on old school values for kids I dont see no harm in that? She says as time goes on we will determine what is really wrong with his brain. A lil piece of me...fell off me it felt like and tears started streaming hard down my cheeks.
She thinks my son has no real future hes "intellectual disabled" so get used to him basicially she tells me. I asked her "how do you know" she says from testing...I said are you God? she laughs of course not....I know so you cant generalize my sons future I dont appreciate that. I didnt say those exact words but I did say somethings I dont want to repeat. IF you are a parent reading this going through the same things, dont worry. Dont lose hope. ITs so easy to try and figure out what went wrong...but theirs nothing we can do or did. Just hug your baby and pray hard and plan your fight to help them. Thats all we can do, thats our job as parents to get what are kids need period. DOnt be scared be proud. Go to your church and ask for prayer. Put your kid in things you think they cant do it will be awesome. Hope and faith and Love is the easiest for us to give them right now. DOnt let your guard down though. I have lost friendships because of confusion of people, got into arguments with people because they dont understand whats going on...which they didnt need too and be prepared for strangers to say something so just be prepared. More knews: I opened up a Mens Sober Living House called Abels House. Im so proud im trying to finish my 501c all for love to change the world because my son taught me thats the right thing to do. thing you can

Friday, September 14, 2012

Misspelled words

Haha sorry girls i been blogging from my phone and realized I have had some typos. I don't text right ever anyways lol. Love light and healing to you all.

matcha tea

Okay. Yesterday morning i drank a huge cup of matcha tea and i feel like a million. Bucks !! my mood was calm all day i was happy and was think clear all day. Im sitting down enjoying a cup right now I will fill you girls on the details later. Gabe took me to the diamondbacks game on my one year brain surgery anniversary !! it was a blast especially the bike ride to and from the game. Our guy had bumping speakers lol he was great lol. Yesterday  me and Abel went to see paranorman after his therapy great days I been having just another reminder how god let me stay on earth and im so very  thankful !! stay happy world  no one can ever take that from you.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

One year since my brain surgery

Today is one year since I had brain surgery for a Mengomia brain tumor. If you read m previous posts you can find out how my year since 9/12/11 has went. Im very proud reach this milestones with ease and with so much change. What I would like to do is give some advice to someone going through what I went through before and after brain surgery. Alot of things go through your mind when your told you have a brain tumor...and even more when you are told you have to have brain surgery. Here is some advice. 1. Dont worry it wont help you.. 2. PRAY and PRAY and PRAY if you dont know God find God now its not to late. 3. Look at the good that is happening to you no matter how bad it seems or feels or even is. 4. Smile. Smile at everyoneno matter what and understand everyone is going to ask questions and try to help let them. Let them help you in anyway they can. 5.Enoy the air, enjoy the sun and enjoy your family and your life. 6. Dont let no one take your happiness, your joy and your love you will be glad you did. IF you are worried, scared feeling like your going crazy send me your email...becasue I too was doing the same thing and If i can help I will. God Bless and happy Anniversary to brain tumorless life.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Womens Power Networking Event in Phoenix, Arizona August 1, 2012

Join Us!! Im hosting a women owned business networking event!! Girls expand your businesses and make cash at the same time!!
Above is the link for the 10 buck fee to buy a table. You can promote, network, make money and shop at the same time!! DOnt MISS!!!! Pay your dues and Email me at or call me at 623-498-7567 My new Non Profit Agency Women business Power Networking!! Im so excited and so proud.

Kindergarten Heyyyy Im all excited about this website click on the link above to get directed to join by ME~~ Im so relieved!! today I went to register Abel in Maryvale Prepatory Academy. Im nervous and confused and worried all at the same time. THe school only has 150 kids. Which is good to help him, the special ed department is tiny and has serious one on one for him. Im excited they are excited and ABEL is excited that is all that matters.
School will be starting and we will back on thegrind...One things for sure..>if im not working on days abels in school Im in the GYM the end.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


OMG Im going coupon crazy!!! I love it....Im on a mission to figure out how to get free or nearly free...toothpaste...shampoo, soaps....good bought TEN newspapers at the dollar store hehehhe Im all proud... and are MY IDOLS>>>>>>
I have to finally learn to manage my family correctly since we are finally moving with GABE !!! <3 <3 Im so happy I always says geeez I should pinch myself...but nah...its real I tell myself..... Im still waiting on my blood test results from the docs... Ihave another MRI in a week.... what else is going on...Maddy is sooooo crazy....and so active I want to potty train her but they say shes too young but I dont think so I told her to take of her diaper and she did.....YES shes a 18month old going on 5......she runs the house...
LOOK AT THEM DUDE>>>>>>>> my heaven I tell you...just because Im a single MOm doesnt stop me and my family from thriving I love them to death
My Lovely Monsters They are sooooo good to me and I try and do the very best I can for them....<3 Well, thats about it...Im so tired I want to cut all my coupons out already but Im passing out....before I go 50 cent talked about special needs kids on his twitter!! Please with his ugly ass!!! lol...I mean cmon hes not handsome, and needs to realize just because all the dummies that like him made him rich does make him above....We all are going back them same way yourself 50 cent....I dont think so...not cool at all. Abels therapist advised Abel would do good with a service dog. They cost 18,000 dollars... Isaid cool does the dog cook and clean....they laugh and Im thinking ....Im looking and waiting like this is not a comical question lol...... I dont know about the dog.....whatver he needs somehow I will get it.....I love you abel and maddy and Jesus Christ and of COurse Gabe. ;-)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Completly Totally Utterly in Love...

I have come to understand of course in Life their are things I cant control. One of them is my feelings..I tried and tried to keep them under wraps in the beginning about my Gaberial. I didnt know what to do....he was coming and coming and wouldnt stop, was this something I wasnt used to OR actually Forgot what it was like to have a real man PURSUE Gabe has done... Gabe had me at hello lol...
Hes great...and It feels good to have some lift up my wings when I get tired. I love you Gabe. Hes was my first boyfriend in my life...and will be the last...

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Crazy Busy!!

Im so busy I dont even get on my computer...ughhh anyways!! im 10 months Post Op from my brain surgery...and I feel so good I even forgot it happened!!! I Finished Coaching Abels Soccer TEAM!!! It was a BLAST
I been so busy trying to actually CHANGE THE WAY I do things like keep my mind focused...on the important things like staying happy, staying prayerful, and staying strong no matter what life throws at me these days. ABEL Turned FIVE! I had a camping party in the back....all the kids had so much fun.
my sad lil pic on my car should have bought more paint sticks at walmart...
We took abel to California!!!! Disneyland...Universal Studios, and Sea WORLD!!!
Cars Land Grand OPENING!!!
We had a blast!!
all I can say IS Im riding that bike from the beach into the future....I continue to have health Issues that dont scare Ovaries...My continued breast reconstruction....My finally WORKING hard to lose this 40 lbs I have ughhh Nothing Scares Me..... My Motto is IF YOU CAN HAVE BRAIN SURGERY>>>THEN BECOME A SUBSTITUTE TEACHER TWO MONTHS LATER U CAN DO ANYTHING!!! More pics to come i gotta get Abel ready for his occupational appointment...;-)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Im alive still sometimes I wonder how with all the stress im consistently under. Maddy had a sezuire a week ago today but is doing awesome now!! those are the most scariest things that can happen to a mother. We made it through. Things are changing positively. I continue to work on getting abel whatever he needs for speech, but one things for sure is he is learning and learning fast. He asks questions he looks wheres the remote im going to change the channel. He said Ouch a mosquito bite me. That was something I never heard him say nor practiced it with him. Im so proud of him and he keeps saying I want to go to kindergarten lets go and grabs my keys lol...hes great. He continues to have anger outburst but they are going away slowly...I keep focusing on him like a training on how bad behaviors are not good and they have consquences. We went to Bearizona and it was so beautiful we had a beatiful time
Abel had a blast exploring and learning and so did we
Im so in love with my son and daughter they are amazing to watch them learning!!
All the memories I create for my children are "OURS" from Maddys seziure to abels full on sentence at the park saying a mosquito bite him they are our memories ....That make up our lives together....every precious moment... and Gabe.....I dont have enough time to type allthe beautiful things about him...expect hes perfect......hes so perfect...and soon me and the kids will be sharing a address with him ;-)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


thats how I been feeling these days. Like a storm is going on all around me and all I do is run for shelter and safety hoping till its over. I keep telling myself it could be worse it could be worse. Im working so hard to make a future for me and my kids I get scared, I cry, I get on my knees and pray all the time. Tonight I prayed in my car and it felt so good like god was next to me. Its scary being a single mom and especially a single mom with a special needs child. YOu dont want nothing else in this world but to be with your kids and make them better thats all. My son is so smart. Today abel was so good. He went to school, he fed diamond, he played with maddy, he played with me. He laughed he got moodie...hes so perfect. He talked so much today Idk...what is my problem fear I guess Fear of the unknown. I know god has this one I know he has my lil family in his hands and just keep praying. Friday he has a OT eval so hes well on the way to getting his needs that you give god so thank you. Gabe has been so good to me. I wish I can tell him all the time how thankful I am for him. He knows my kids are my life and thats the end of story and he waits until I have a minute for him. As Im writing this im crying so hard, but they are proud tears. Im so thankful for him because those few minutes I do have with him I enjoy. He puts up with my madness I have no idea how or why lol..Im just so very thankful for him hes making every day so much better, by standing by me no matter what i throw at him I feel so lucky. Im gonna go to bed and im gonna go to bed and smile until I fall asleep tommorows another beginnning for love and life.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


The Author of this post is Kory Dotson The time had come and I was about to meet the new baby I had created nine months ago. Rushing to the hospital and giving birth was the biggest miracle I had ever witnessed. Holding my new 8lb7oz baby Jake, I couldn’t imagine leaving him in a few weeks to return back to a job I hated. As soon as we returned from the hospital my husband and I sat down to discuss money and My husband looked at me and said “I can support us off of just my income, and we may even save money because we will not be paying for childcare.These words coming out of his mouth were a blessing. My title went from newspaper editor to Mom. These words were only a blessing for the few months he was an infant as he got older I had a want to go back to work. I knew I was doing him a favor by being with him in these crucial times of development but there is only so many pieces of laundry to fold and dishes to watch. I then found a good break in my day was Direct Tv Hartford. I would flip on the T.V and get lost in another world.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

an End

Really there has to be a end to this roller coster I been riding...I want off...I want to be normal. I dont want no intruptions on the way. I need to be 100 perent only about my man no problems, no mother around...just me and my kids...I can feel it so close its in my bones.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Feeling better

I felt like I was going crazy you can tell by my last post. Its called fear. Fear of the unknown. Nobody knows what will happen in life. Life is never perfect. No way no way no how. Its scary how life is but we deal dont we. When you go to the store and say be right back and what if you never make it back what happens. What happens if you get in an accident and lose your memory you cant talk you cant do anything the same way you used to....what happens.....YOU LIVE....thats what we have to do for Abel to show him its okay we are living and he can do anything. I drove to payson so pissed off becuase the doctor was so negative and cruel to us... I just kept driving I didnt know what else to do. ITs gONNA be okay I keep telling myself how much I cant be scared, my son is smart and WILL be okay. He is my baby boy...we will be okay no mattter. What GOd help us get through this he will be okay we will all be okay..I know it....GOd will handle this and I will give this all the GOd right now.>....SO bring on speech therapy....and OT therapy WE GOT THIS and kindergarten here were come.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Developmental Delayed....

What the FUCK!! son....why is this happening to us!! I dont think so I refuse to take this I dont think and she said he has a two year old functioning level...Idk what else today but thats bullshit...all from showing him a few pics..... tommorow maybe ill right more.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I love Zulily I get Maddys clothes their all the time


Getting Real....

I feel like getting real today......Of course okay being a single mom hard....right...and not working and being a single mom right? Not working, being a single mom and dealing with the Department of Economic Security lol. I have been on the phone for 1.5 days trying to call 1.5 months ago they canceled my food stamps and almost my medical since I have a job at a temporary service as a sub teacher. Even though I havent worked in over 1.5 months going on two...larrys child support stopped...I think he changed his ss#. Grrrrrrr it will get better..........I mean you know what its not DES job to support my kids...NO WAY...but I will get on my feet with these kids if it kills me! Kids are supposed to be supported by their parents...Both physically mentally and spirtually. This is a call to the deadbeat men who make children and dont do any of the list I just mentioned. HOW DO YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT. YOu have babies in the world...they need u God didnt pic you to be their parent for nothing. In the end he wont think highly of you...its not about your her like a friend....she loves and takes care of your babies....and cares for them like no other..... If one guy reads this and it helps maybe then at least It meant something.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Are you really a single Parent...???

I mean really are you are a REAL single Parent? I have heard guys especially Im a single parent my kids come over every other weekend.... thats not a single parent sorry. A single parent is someone who is really a single parent when the kids get sick we miss work we take care of them. They fall we pick them up.They need to eat we feed them. They cry we wipe their tears. We are the ones that have to tell them their dad isnt coming to get them. OR buy a present that says from Dad. Thats a real single parent. Not a weekend parent a fun parent who can map a couple days a month and make it look like they are so fun. Gabe said yesterday why isnt Abels Dad in his life and why isnt his dad spending time with him like this. Gabe is lucky I didnt beat him lol....FOr you do not know lil Gabe the road we have traveled with Abels dad and dont need to know a person in the world reading this dont assume. IF a kids dad is not there...owell make it better for him by being there. By making him laugh so he can remember who was there. All the memories I do is create postive ones for my kids...larry is not positve and really either is daniel...but God chose them for their fathers and all I can do is raise my kids the best way I know how...and thats it. SO if your a singe a girl with kids its all one. ALL one the kids are the girls only important thing you will always be last and if you dont like that....well you know whats next....... So enough of my venting!! ;-p VICTORY SPORTS MADD DOGS>.......Abels team WON 6-1
What a great win Abel did good until the end he got a lil confused and starting hitting everyone..for someone reason?? Poor baby...he did so good though!! We went to the house of healing in phoenix at hardcore christianty on 11th street and indian school and boy did god work miracles there!! We casted out the demons in all of us abel and me and my mom.and maddy.....and we will continue to cast them out because they are always trying to attack us. Go there it will change your life forever!! God is so good and so wonderful I had such a blessed easter watching abel eat all his chocolates and candies and maddy doing the same...we went to my friend Dianas(pinky) what a sweetheart she is we had a blast. SO the moral today is....Are you a real Single Parent....if not dont judge....THANK YOU the end.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Value of a Dollar ....

even more days go one Im learning the value of a dollar.I dont buy crazy expensive things but recently have thought closely about money more than ever lately. Larry was paying child support and now it stopped. ;-( For that month I felt a sigh of relief like its not only all me I have this, it was like a pretend husband getting a check in the mail. I dont know why I been thinking about getting stable more and money. Maybe because of lack of or maybe im tried of chasing it. Right dont we all chase it. We work to get it...ALL THE TIME. We need it so we can buy food, pay for a roof and clothes on our back. What if we didnt have to do that. What if life was like it was supposed to be like in heaven. I know im dreaming but its been making me think alot this idealism. For the last couple years I have been struggling get this or that, put myself through college and came out strugling health wise, fiancially and sometimes I think mentally. STRESS kills people causes so many things. Im working hard on so many things so I can support my kids Ill never give up. Sometimes I look at couples with kids at the grocery store and think what is it like to have someone care for your kids as much as u do? I dont know maybe ill never know, I cant worry about it. Its been almost eight months since my brain surgery. I act like I didnt have brain surgery lol....
Im coaching abels soccer team the Madd Doggs. Im working when I want too heheh at teachers on call as a substitute I have taken a real focus on this baby fat....Im tired of it.........and am working out...lifting weights more.... Abels going to play baseball as the Miracles League...for kids with special needs
Maddys 15 months got her first hair cut and can walk now for about a week!!! Im so proud of me and my kids.... We keep going like nothing no matter what happened to us. No matter what ails us no body would know nothing...and they dont need to know....all the worlds knows Is we love each other as a family and no one can take that away.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I wanna right so much but I dont have alot of time. Something came to me. Like a whisper. I need to hug my son everytime he hits me.He hits me because he wants to tell me something. God please help me help him...OR just go straight to him. His little heart is so beautiful and so full of love....Give him the gift of communication. I beg you. I dont care what it I will fight for him so he gets everything he needs
Life is Miracle and I feel so lucky to be here....No matter how bad it gets, No matter how scary it gets All my job is to make these two kids learn about love and life and I will do it. No matter what.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Feeling ALONE

this feeling is not new. Most of the time I can shrug it off but today its weird. I went to a meeting at Abels school and I told them I dont want abel going to school yet, and I got a big scolding that he will be put in first grade when I send him because he is six and dont do that, what will he do until then. WhAT THE hell!!! abel is doing better and better. He talks more, he understands more, he needs a little more time. With all the therapies he is going to be in he will do good, and with me working with him as well HE will be fine. We went to a developmental pediatrician and she said he is delayed, he doesnt have autism he doesnt have anything also he has some sensory going on but thats about it. SOmeone tell me an answer. I wish I had a dad for him to say no lets do this dont worry about it. Plus I been drinking herbal life shakes and Im freaking hungry lol...... Life is going to get better for Abel im not giving up. He will be successful.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Busy Momma!

Yes I am a busy gal and so proud!! I havent really mentioned my hobby. my clothing line I love to play with. My newest addition is LOWRIDER BABY maternity tees and onsies. Its so fun check out my work. Anyways im coaching abels soccer team and Im so excited! Abel is doing so well and learning alot everyday. Yesterday we went to the developmental peditrician for some testing and they said he pretty much needs speech therapy and occupational therapy!! We are going to start from their we will see a happy boy!! If things get better someone pinch me cause IM doing it!!! Daniels child support is well on his way....OHHHH and I havent mentioned that larry is also paying child support...MIRACLES HAPPEN
I get tired still my head swells since surgery but every day is a miracle I never forget that.

Friday, March 2, 2012

taking care of myself...

I forgot to add duh...I need to take care of myself my self esteem my clothes my rest....everything. My skin is so important I always have had trouble with my skin. I want to try to try the anti aging treatments they would be so awesome for me. I cant wait t show my mom she is going to love it too. Once we like the treatments from this site alot of our family will too. Light Treatment
Via: Tanda Skincare

Sick and Shopping

I have been so sick with strep throat and FLU all week!! I missed work I attempted tot stay in bed but you know how that is....I need to go shopping for my moms birthday shes going to be 60 which iscrazy. Shes going to be 60 years young what a wonderful women my mom is. I wanna go shopping to bu has is so expensive its crazy its going to get to five bucks a gallon. Uhghhh I m going to tart giving blood to drive geezz or this website has so much cheap stuff  im going to hit it up. For two dollars flat shipping
you cant go wrong there.  I need clothes so bad. Shoes everything. This website is even cheaper than the mall. Im so there.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

People Ordered

Contributed by Vickie Tyson
I thought the only people who ordered Direct TV were the kinds of people who sat home all Sunday watching NFL games. That is most certainly NOT me but when I went to my friend’s design shop and I saw that he had the Style Network on I about had a conniption – what in the world was the Style Network??? Anyway, I got it for myself and all I do anymore is sit on my fabulously designer couch and watch hour after hour of shows about design and the great things that come from being a designer. I think it’s awesome because I’m able to be far more creative than I would be otherwise and you know, at the end of the day I really like that I’ve got such a strong creative sense and that I see it reflected in shows on TV. It gives me a sense of authenticity – like I’m actually good at what I do and not just thinking it! Anyway, TV is more up my alley than I ever gave it credit for. Im so happy we joined the world again!! lol.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Feeling like a Widow...

Im not healthy in the mind these days. I cry all the time....Im tired of trying to figure how to change me and my kids lives. The bible says single moms are like widows...I feel like a widow drowning..I wont give up but sometimes the fight has to stop.
Today the daycare said I owe 760 dollars back pay. I went to  stupid ass Daniel and all he could is how??? OMG sometimes I wish he would disappear hes so fake hes so sick....he disgusts me...and he actually thinks I want him...lmao can u believe that. Its my fault, im nice to him so he will pick up abel from the bus...thats just sad straight up....Its true...I have no idea what to do anymore...On a brighter note...Subing kindergarten today and for the next two days is going to keep me sane. Somehow..and my tounge and face totallly numbed up today...which was not good....I love you Jesus.please hear me...I love you Lord so much please help me get a better life for me and my kids...thats all I want...

PS. Abel counted 10 marshamellows by himself and can ride his bike...Im so proud..I even have him at mcdonalds right now siting next to me...and hes behaving... lol....I have to keep my head up..Im trying so hard....I was  happy today at work the kindergarten was so fun.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Substitute teacher times!!

I been working alot more than I have all last year lol. Finally right...Im so thankful. I feel so relived a full paycheck I mean seriously. ughhh. The kids fought today at school and i was the only one there to break it up. It made me feel like jail again. Sometimes I want to go back to the jail again. I miss it sometimes. I miss Panda. I miss my galant. I miss school. WAaaaaa lol..Im feeling sorry for myself when I dont have too. Im so lucky so blessed to be alive. 4 month post op when I went to my neurologist today. whoo hoo! There is one problem I have these weird sensations in my face and still have trouble when I run and my tounge numbs up when Im stressed or when I run weird right? thats what the doc said. So in two months when I go back and hopefully have no seizures I should be okay. I was looking at chemical companys cause I got really interested in them because my friend Gabe actually works for a chemical company here in Phoenix     Gabe is always talking about  chemical mergers and acquisitions and how he mixes chemicals for the water here in phoenix and how he always wants to invest in a chemical investment bank and blah blah about chemical advisorys hes really into that stuff so I start looking at the internet today at work and found the valence and it caught my attention. Investing in chemicals is the only way to go for my future. As a single Mom im thinking about me and the kids and the future like anyone else. So chemical investment is a for sure item because you cant wrong we always need chemicals and some are in high demand and thats where we can make our money. Thats a plan to invest with the Valence Group. I am.  

a chemical investment bank

chemical advisory

Monday, January 23, 2012


I have so much to say today I guess. I called this apartment place by encanto park its so big 1275 sq feet for 500 a month!  I can do this!! me and the kids need it....I want to buy this from 100% cotton bed jackets for abels bed and mine. Im so excited im going to buy a bunch of stuff for the apartment on this website.

I need clothes too. Me and the kids need so much things. I always do without so much so my next check Im hitting up become. com and shopping for me and the kids and our future apartment. I would look good in a 100% cotton bed jackets

I have a couch that I kept but its sinks in alot if I buy those inserts to keep the sofa from sinnking they are called couch savers Its would really bring the couch back to life. Im going to get those I already ordered them!! whoot hoot!! I beeen working hard to get the things we need Im so happy its all coming around.

Sometimes I want to live in new york

 Its a good day as always but im daydreaming....Its been four months since post op of my brain surgery Im feeling like a million bucks, My head still swells up sometimse on the cut of my head but I rest and it goes away.  Im enjoying my days I have so many plans but sometimes I think what If I got a change of scenery like moving to new york?    I hear the energy rates are sooo cheap over there...utlities and everything a change would be never know...Dreams can be real.

Helpful for my nana

I love my nana. She probably in better health than me.
My nana has been having some insurance issues and Im so happy that they have helped her.  Her presciptions were getting to be so much to afford and without this insurance she has gotten so much stress relief for her medications. With this it has take so much worry off her. So she can enjoy her day. Im so lucky my nana takes care of herself. We need her here and happy and healthy for us. Thank goodness she doesnt have to stress anymore.    She just turned 86~ shes doing so good thanks to this insurance its such a blessing for our family, they have done so much for her.  They pay for everything that medicare doesnt!!

 http://www.webmd.comLink to the URL:"Medicaid" or "health plans"

Link to the URL: "Medigap plans" or "get Medicare Supplement Insurance"

 http://www.webmd/. "WebMD" or "

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sucessful Benefit for Jose Carlos Toscano but I still question.

When the accident happened for the little boy...the NEWs was all over it....but when his benefit came around and I spent tireless hours contacting them...and talking them confirming they were coming...nothing. Did a more news worthycause happen. What is society coming too. They cant highlight a cause for Good they can highlight a cause for bad. I mean.....I shouldnt say what is it coming to....but its get worser and worser has time goes on....and we are in the shock mode. We like to hear about shocking stories...Is that what it not letting it go....

This is Jose Carlos Toscano who died in the walmart mercado parking lot on 91st avenue and thomas in phoenix arizona because of a careless driver. You  can say his mom wasnt watching him enough you can say tons of things. Thats not correct. As a community member and as a fellow driver its all of our jobs to remember that kids are everywhere and especially in parking lots we need to look around and pay attention as people. So to the media and the news why didnt you coveer this benefit event you cover everything else with no problem. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

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