Monday, January 23, 2012


I have so much to say today I guess. I called this apartment place by encanto park its so big 1275 sq feet for 500 a month!  I can do this!! me and the kids need it....I want to buy this from 100% cotton bed jackets for abels bed and mine. Im so excited im going to buy a bunch of stuff for the apartment on this website.

I need clothes too. Me and the kids need so much things. I always do without so much so my next check Im hitting up become. com and shopping for me and the kids and our future apartment. I would look good in a 100% cotton bed jackets

I have a couch that I kept but its sinks in alot if I buy those inserts to keep the sofa from sinnking they are called couch savers Its would really bring the couch back to life. Im going to get those I already ordered them!! whoot hoot!! I beeen working hard to get the things we need Im so happy its all coming around.

Sometimes I want to live in new york

 Its a good day as always but im daydreaming....Its been four months since post op of my brain surgery Im feeling like a million bucks, My head still swells up sometimse on the cut of my head but I rest and it goes away.  Im enjoying my days I have so many plans but sometimes I think what If I got a change of scenery like moving to new york?    I hear the energy rates are sooo cheap over there...utlities and everything a change would be never know...Dreams can be real.

Helpful for my nana

I love my nana. She probably in better health than me.
My nana has been having some insurance issues and Im so happy that they have helped her.  Her presciptions were getting to be so much to afford and without this insurance she has gotten so much stress relief for her medications. With this it has take so much worry off her. So she can enjoy her day. Im so lucky my nana takes care of herself. We need her here and happy and healthy for us. Thank goodness she doesnt have to stress anymore.    She just turned 86~ shes doing so good thanks to this insurance its such a blessing for our family, they have done so much for her.  They pay for everything that medicare doesnt!!

 http://www.webmd.comLink to the URL:"Medicaid" or "health plans"

Link to the URL: "Medigap plans" or "get Medicare Supplement Insurance"

 http://www.webmd/. "WebMD" or "

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sucessful Benefit for Jose Carlos Toscano but I still question.

When the accident happened for the little boy...the NEWs was all over it....but when his benefit came around and I spent tireless hours contacting them...and talking them confirming they were coming...nothing. Did a more news worthycause happen. What is society coming too. They cant highlight a cause for Good they can highlight a cause for bad. I mean.....I shouldnt say what is it coming to....but its get worser and worser has time goes on....and we are in the shock mode. We like to hear about shocking stories...Is that what it not letting it go....

This is Jose Carlos Toscano who died in the walmart mercado parking lot on 91st avenue and thomas in phoenix arizona because of a careless driver. You  can say his mom wasnt watching him enough you can say tons of things. Thats not correct. As a community member and as a fellow driver its all of our jobs to remember that kids are everywhere and especially in parking lots we need to look around and pay attention as people. So to the media and the news why didnt you coveer this benefit event you cover everything else with no problem. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

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