Monday, January 23, 2012

Helpful for my nana

I love my nana. She probably in better health than me.
My nana has been having some insurance issues and Im so happy that they have helped her.  Her presciptions were getting to be so much to afford and without this insurance she has gotten so much stress relief for her medications. With this it has take so much worry off her. So she can enjoy her day. Im so lucky my nana takes care of herself. We need her here and happy and healthy for us. Thank goodness she doesnt have to stress anymore.    She just turned 86~ shes doing so good thanks to this insurance its such a blessing for our family, they have done so much for her.  They pay for everything that medicare doesnt!!

 http://www.webmd.comLink to the URL:"Medicaid" or "health plans"

Link to the URL: "Medigap plans" or "get Medicare Supplement Insurance"

 http://www.webmd/. "WebMD" or "

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