Monday, January 23, 2012


I have so much to say today I guess. I called this apartment place by encanto park its so big 1275 sq feet for 500 a month!  I can do this!! me and the kids need it....I want to buy this from 100% cotton bed jackets for abels bed and mine. Im so excited im going to buy a bunch of stuff for the apartment on this website.

I need clothes too. Me and the kids need so much things. I always do without so much so my next check Im hitting up become. com and shopping for me and the kids and our future apartment. I would look good in a 100% cotton bed jackets

I have a couch that I kept but its sinks in alot if I buy those inserts to keep the sofa from sinnking they are called couch savers Its would really bring the couch back to life. Im going to get those I already ordered them!! whoot hoot!! I beeen working hard to get the things we need Im so happy its all coming around.

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