Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sucessful Benefit for Jose Carlos Toscano but I still question.

When the accident happened for the little boy...the NEWs was all over it....but when his benefit came around and I spent tireless hours contacting them...and talking them confirming they were coming...nothing. Did a more news worthycause happen. What is society coming too. They cant highlight a cause for Good they can highlight a cause for bad. I mean.....I shouldnt say what is it coming to....but its get worser and worser has time goes on....and we are in the shock mode. We like to hear about shocking stories...Is that what it Is...im not letting it go....

This is Jose Carlos Toscano who died in the walmart mercado parking lot on 91st avenue and thomas in phoenix arizona because of a careless driver. You  can say his mom wasnt watching him enough you can say tons of things. Thats not correct. As a community member and as a fellow driver its all of our jobs to remember that kids are everywhere and especially in parking lots we need to look around and pay attention as people. So to the media and the news why didnt you coveer this benefit event you cover everything else with no problem. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

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