Saturday, February 25, 2012

People Ordered

Contributed by Vickie Tyson
I thought the only people who ordered Direct TV were the kinds of people who sat home all Sunday watching NFL games. That is most certainly NOT me but when I went to my friend’s design shop and I saw that he had the Style Network on I about had a conniption – what in the world was the Style Network??? Anyway, I got it for myself and all I do anymore is sit on my fabulously designer couch and watch hour after hour of shows about design and the great things that come from being a designer. I think it’s awesome because I’m able to be far more creative than I would be otherwise and you know, at the end of the day I really like that I’ve got such a strong creative sense and that I see it reflected in shows on TV. It gives me a sense of authenticity – like I’m actually good at what I do and not just thinking it! Anyway, TV is more up my alley than I ever gave it credit for. Im so happy we joined the world again!! lol.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Feeling like a Widow...

Im not healthy in the mind these days. I cry all the time....Im tired of trying to figure how to change me and my kids lives. The bible says single moms are like widows...I feel like a widow drowning..I wont give up but sometimes the fight has to stop.
Today the daycare said I owe 760 dollars back pay. I went to  stupid ass Daniel and all he could is how??? OMG sometimes I wish he would disappear hes so fake hes so sick....he disgusts me...and he actually thinks I want him...lmao can u believe that. Its my fault, im nice to him so he will pick up abel from the bus...thats just sad straight up....Its true...I have no idea what to do anymore...On a brighter note...Subing kindergarten today and for the next two days is going to keep me sane. Somehow..and my tounge and face totallly numbed up today...which was not good....I love you Jesus.please hear me...I love you Lord so much please help me get a better life for me and my kids...thats all I want...

PS. Abel counted 10 marshamellows by himself and can ride his bike...Im so proud..I even have him at mcdonalds right now siting next to me...and hes behaving... lol....I have to keep my head up..Im trying so hard....I was  happy today at work the kindergarten was so fun.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Substitute teacher times!!

I been working alot more than I have all last year lol. Finally right...Im so thankful. I feel so relived a full paycheck I mean seriously. ughhh. The kids fought today at school and i was the only one there to break it up. It made me feel like jail again. Sometimes I want to go back to the jail again. I miss it sometimes. I miss Panda. I miss my galant. I miss school. WAaaaaa lol..Im feeling sorry for myself when I dont have too. Im so lucky so blessed to be alive. 4 month post op when I went to my neurologist today. whoo hoo! There is one problem I have these weird sensations in my face and still have trouble when I run and my tounge numbs up when Im stressed or when I run weird right? thats what the doc said. So in two months when I go back and hopefully have no seizures I should be okay. I was looking at chemical companys cause I got really interested in them because my friend Gabe actually works for a chemical company here in Phoenix     Gabe is always talking about  chemical mergers and acquisitions and how he mixes chemicals for the water here in phoenix and how he always wants to invest in a chemical investment bank and blah blah about chemical advisorys hes really into that stuff so I start looking at the internet today at work and found the valence and it caught my attention. Investing in chemicals is the only way to go for my future. As a single Mom im thinking about me and the kids and the future like anyone else. So chemical investment is a for sure item because you cant wrong we always need chemicals and some are in high demand and thats where we can make our money. Thats a plan to invest with the Valence Group. I am.  

a chemical investment bank

chemical advisory

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