Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Feeling like a Widow...

Im not healthy in the mind these days. I cry all the time....Im tired of trying to figure how to change me and my kids lives. The bible says single moms are like widows...I feel like a widow drowning..I wont give up but sometimes the fight has to stop.
Today the daycare said I owe 760 dollars back pay. I went to  stupid ass Daniel and all he could is how??? OMG sometimes I wish he would disappear hes so fake hes so sick....he disgusts me...and he actually thinks I want him...lmao can u believe that. Its my fault, im nice to him so he will pick up abel from the bus...thats just sad straight up....Its true...I have no idea what to do anymore...On a brighter note...Subing kindergarten today and for the next two days is going to keep me sane. Somehow..and my tounge and face totallly numbed up today...which was not good....I love you Jesus.please hear me...I love you Lord so much please help me get a better life for me and my kids...thats all I want...

PS. Abel counted 10 marshamellows by himself and can ride his bike...Im so proud..I even have him at mcdonalds right now siting next to me...and hes behaving... lol....I have to keep my head up..Im trying so hard....I was  happy today at work the kindergarten was so fun.

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