Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Feeling ALONE

this feeling is not new. Most of the time I can shrug it off but today its weird. I went to a meeting at Abels school and I told them I dont want abel going to school yet, and I got a big scolding that he will be put in first grade when I send him because he is six and dont do that, what will he do until then. WhAT THE hell!!! abel is doing better and better. He talks more, he understands more, he needs a little more time. With all the therapies he is going to be in he will do good, and with me working with him as well HE will be fine. We went to a developmental pediatrician and she said he is delayed, he doesnt have autism he doesnt have anything also he has some sensory going on but thats about it. SOmeone tell me an answer. I wish I had a dad for him to say no lets do this dont worry about it. Plus I been drinking herbal life shakes and Im freaking hungry lol...... Life is going to get better for Abel im not giving up. He will be successful.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Busy Momma!

Yes I am a busy gal and so proud!! I havent really mentioned my hobby. my clothing line I love to play with. My newest addition is LOWRIDER BABY maternity tees and onsies. Its so fun check out my work. Anyways im coaching abels soccer team and Im so excited! Abel is doing so well and learning alot everyday. Yesterday we went to the developmental peditrician for some testing and they said he pretty much needs speech therapy and occupational therapy!! We are going to start from their we will see a happy boy!! If things get better someone pinch me cause IM doing it!!! Daniels child support is well on his way....OHHHH and I havent mentioned that larry is also paying child support...MIRACLES HAPPEN
I get tired still my head swells since surgery but every day is a miracle I never forget that.

Friday, March 2, 2012

taking care of myself...

I forgot to add duh...I need to take care of myself my self esteem my clothes my rest....everything. My skin is so important I always have had trouble with my skin. I want to try to try the anti aging treatments they would be so awesome for me. I cant wait t show my mom she is going to love it too. Once we like the treatments from this site alot of our family will too. Light Treatment
Via: Tanda Skincare

Sick and Shopping

I have been so sick with strep throat and FLU all week!! I missed work I attempted tot stay in bed but you know how that is....I need to go shopping for my moms birthday shes going to be 60 which iscrazy. Shes going to be 60 years young what a wonderful women my mom is. I wanna go shopping to bu has is so expensive its crazy its going to get to five bucks a gallon. Uhghhh I m going to tart giving blood to drive geezz or this website has so much cheap stuff  im going to hit it up. For two dollars flat shipping
you cant go wrong there.  I need clothes so bad. Shoes everything. This website is even cheaper than the mall. Im so there.

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