Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Feeling ALONE

this feeling is not new. Most of the time I can shrug it off but today its weird. I went to a meeting at Abels school and I told them I dont want abel going to school yet, and I got a big scolding that he will be put in first grade when I send him because he is six and dont do that, what will he do until then. WhAT THE hell!!! abel is doing better and better. He talks more, he understands more, he needs a little more time. With all the therapies he is going to be in he will do good, and with me working with him as well HE will be fine. We went to a developmental pediatrician and she said he is delayed, he doesnt have autism he doesnt have anything also he has some sensory going on but thats about it. SOmeone tell me an answer. I wish I had a dad for him to say no lets do this dont worry about it. Plus I been drinking herbal life shakes and Im freaking hungry lol...... Life is going to get better for Abel im not giving up. He will be successful.

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