Monday, April 9, 2012

Are you really a single Parent...???

I mean really are you are a REAL single Parent? I have heard guys especially Im a single parent my kids come over every other weekend.... thats not a single parent sorry. A single parent is someone who is really a single parent when the kids get sick we miss work we take care of them. They fall we pick them up.They need to eat we feed them. They cry we wipe their tears. We are the ones that have to tell them their dad isnt coming to get them. OR buy a present that says from Dad. Thats a real single parent. Not a weekend parent a fun parent who can map a couple days a month and make it look like they are so fun. Gabe said yesterday why isnt Abels Dad in his life and why isnt his dad spending time with him like this. Gabe is lucky I didnt beat him lol....FOr you do not know lil Gabe the road we have traveled with Abels dad and dont need to know a person in the world reading this dont assume. IF a kids dad is not there...owell make it better for him by being there. By making him laugh so he can remember who was there. All the memories I do is create postive ones for my kids...larry is not positve and really either is daniel...but God chose them for their fathers and all I can do is raise my kids the best way I know how...and thats it. SO if your a singe a girl with kids its all one. ALL one the kids are the girls only important thing you will always be last and if you dont like that....well you know whats next....... So enough of my venting!! ;-p VICTORY SPORTS MADD DOGS>.......Abels team WON 6-1
What a great win Abel did good until the end he got a lil confused and starting hitting everyone..for someone reason?? Poor baby...he did so good though!! We went to the house of healing in phoenix at hardcore christianty on 11th street and indian school and boy did god work miracles there!! We casted out the demons in all of us abel and me and my mom.and maddy.....and we will continue to cast them out because they are always trying to attack us. Go there it will change your life forever!! God is so good and so wonderful I had such a blessed easter watching abel eat all his chocolates and candies and maddy doing the same...we went to my friend Dianas(pinky) what a sweetheart she is we had a blast. SO the moral today is....Are you a real Single Parent....if not dont judge....THANK YOU the end.

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