Tuesday, April 24, 2012


The Author of this post is Kory Dotson The time had come and I was about to meet the new baby I had created nine months ago. Rushing to the hospital and giving birth was the biggest miracle I had ever witnessed. Holding my new 8lb7oz baby Jake, I couldn’t imagine leaving him in a few weeks to return back to a job I hated. As soon as we returned from the hospital my husband and I sat down to discuss money and My husband looked at me and said “I can support us off of just my income, and we may even save money because we will not be paying for childcare.These words coming out of his mouth were a blessing. My title went from newspaper editor to Mom. These words were only a blessing for the few months he was an infant as he got older I had a want to go back to work. I knew I was doing him a favor by being with him in these crucial times of development but there is only so many pieces of laundry to fold and dishes to watch. I then found a good break in my day was Direct Tv Hartford. I would flip on the T.V and get lost in another world.

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