Friday, April 13, 2012

Feeling better

I felt like I was going crazy you can tell by my last post. Its called fear. Fear of the unknown. Nobody knows what will happen in life. Life is never perfect. No way no way no how. Its scary how life is but we deal dont we. When you go to the store and say be right back and what if you never make it back what happens. What happens if you get in an accident and lose your memory you cant talk you cant do anything the same way you used to....what happens.....YOU LIVE....thats what we have to do for Abel to show him its okay we are living and he can do anything. I drove to payson so pissed off becuase the doctor was so negative and cruel to us... I just kept driving I didnt know what else to do. ITs gONNA be okay I keep telling myself how much I cant be scared, my son is smart and WILL be okay. He is my baby boy...we will be okay no mattter. What GOd help us get through this he will be okay we will all be okay..I know it....GOd will handle this and I will give this all the GOd right now.>....SO bring on speech therapy....and OT therapy WE GOT THIS and kindergarten here were come.

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  1. Stay strong wendybird, stay focused, a little fear is ok, its how u handle and move forward that matters.......ables going to be okay


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