Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Getting Real....

I feel like getting real today......Of course okay being a single mom hard....right...and not working and being a single mom right? Not working, being a single mom and dealing with the Department of Economic Security lol. I have been on the phone for 1.5 days trying to call 1.5 months ago they canceled my food stamps and almost my medical since I have a job at a temporary service as a sub teacher. Even though I havent worked in over 1.5 months going on two...larrys child support stopped...I think he changed his ss#. Grrrrrrr it will get better..........I mean you know what its not DES job to support my kids...NO WAY...but I will get on my feet with these kids if it kills me! Kids are supposed to be supported by their parents...Both physically mentally and spirtually. This is a call to the deadbeat men who make children and dont do any of the list I just mentioned. HOW DO YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT. YOu have babies in the world...they need u God didnt pic you to be their parent for nothing. In the end he wont think highly of you...its not about your ex.....love her like a friend....she loves and takes care of your babies....and cares for them like no other..... If one guy reads this and it helps maybe then at least It meant something.

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