Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I wanna right so much but I dont have alot of time. Something came to me. Like a whisper. I need to hug my son everytime he hits me.He hits me because he wants to tell me something. God please help me help him...OR just go straight to him. His little heart is so beautiful and so full of love....Give him the gift of communication. I beg you. I dont care what it I will fight for him so he gets everything he needs
Life is Miracle and I feel so lucky to be here....No matter how bad it gets, No matter how scary it gets All my job is to make these two kids learn about love and life and I will do it. No matter what.

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Highly interested in the future of my two children...and creating postive memories for them is my goal. Im a single mother, a ASU graduate and a social accident.