Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Value of a Dollar ....

even more days go one Im learning the value of a dollar.I dont buy crazy expensive things but recently have thought closely about money more than ever lately. Larry was paying child support and now it stopped. ;-( For that month I felt a sigh of relief like its not only all me I have this, it was like a pretend husband getting a check in the mail. I dont know why I been thinking about getting stable more and money. Maybe because of lack of or maybe im tried of chasing it. Right dont we all chase it. We work to get it...ALL THE TIME. We need it so we can buy food, pay for a roof and clothes on our back. What if we didnt have to do that. What if life was like it was supposed to be like in heaven. I know im dreaming but its been making me think alot this idealism. For the last couple years I have been struggling get this or that, put myself through college and came out strugling health wise, fiancially and sometimes I think mentally. STRESS kills people causes so many things. Im working hard on so many things so I can support my kids Ill never give up. Sometimes I look at couples with kids at the grocery store and think what is it like to have someone care for your kids as much as u do? I dont know maybe ill never know, I cant worry about it. Its been almost eight months since my brain surgery. I act like I didnt have brain surgery lol....
Im coaching abels soccer team the Madd Doggs. Im working when I want too heheh at teachers on call as a substitute I have taken a real focus on this baby fat....Im tired of it.........and am working out...lifting weights more.... Abels going to play baseball as the Miracles League...for kids with special needs
Maddys 15 months got her first hair cut and can walk now for about a week!!! Im so proud of me and my kids.... We keep going like nothing no matter what happened to us. No matter what ails us no body would know nothing...and they dont need to know....all the worlds knows Is we love each other as a family and no one can take that away.

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