Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Im alive still sometimes I wonder how with all the stress im consistently under. Maddy had a sezuire a week ago today but is doing awesome now!! those are the most scariest things that can happen to a mother. We made it through. Things are changing positively. I continue to work on getting abel whatever he needs for speech, but one things for sure is he is learning and learning fast. He asks questions he looks wheres the remote im going to change the channel. He said Ouch a mosquito bite me. That was something I never heard him say nor practiced it with him. Im so proud of him and he keeps saying I want to go to kindergarten lets go and grabs my keys lol...hes great. He continues to have anger outburst but they are going away slowly...I keep focusing on him like a training on how bad behaviors are not good and they have consquences. We went to Bearizona and it was so beautiful we had a beatiful time
Abel had a blast exploring and learning and so did we
Im so in love with my son and daughter they are amazing to watch them learning!!
All the memories I create for my children are "OURS" from Maddys seziure to abels full on sentence at the park saying a mosquito bite him they are our memories ....That make up our lives together....every precious moment... and Gabe.....I dont have enough time to type allthe beautiful things about him...expect hes perfect......hes so perfect...and soon me and the kids will be sharing a address with him ;-)

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