Tuesday, May 1, 2012


thats how I been feeling these days. Like a storm is going on all around me and all I do is run for shelter and safety hoping till its over. I keep telling myself it could be worse it could be worse. Im working so hard to make a future for me and my kids I get scared, I cry, I get on my knees and pray all the time. Tonight I prayed in my car and it felt so good like god was next to me. Its scary being a single mom and especially a single mom with a special needs child. YOu dont want nothing else in this world but to be with your kids and make them better thats all. My son is so smart. Today abel was so good. He went to school, he fed diamond, he played with maddy, he played with me. He laughed he got moodie...hes so perfect. He talked so much today Idk...what is my problem fear I guess Fear of the unknown. I know god has this one I know he has my lil family in his hands and just keep praying. Friday he has a OT eval so hes well on the way to getting his needs that you give god so thank you. Gabe has been so good to me. I wish I can tell him all the time how thankful I am for him. He knows my kids are my life and thats the end of story and he waits until I have a minute for him. As Im writing this im crying so hard, but they are proud tears. Im so thankful for him because those few minutes I do have with him I enjoy. He puts up with my madness I have no idea how or why lol..Im just so very thankful for him hes making every day so much better, by standing by me no matter what i throw at him I feel so lucky. Im gonna go to bed and im gonna go to bed and smile until I fall asleep tommorows another beginnning for love and life.

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