Tuesday, July 10, 2012


OMG Im going coupon crazy!!! I love it....Im on a mission to figure out how to get free or nearly free...toothpaste...shampoo, soaps....good groceries.....lol...I bought TEN newspapers at the dollar store hehehhe Im all proud... www.moneysavingmom.com and crazycouponlady.com are MY IDOLS>>>>>>
I have to finally learn to manage my family correctly since we are finally moving with GABE !!! <3 <3 Im so happy I always says geeez I should pinch myself...but nah...its real I tell myself..... Im still waiting on my blood test results from the docs... Ihave another MRI in a week.... what else is going on...Maddy is sooooo crazy....and so active I want to potty train her but they say shes too young but I dont think so I told her to take of her diaper and she did.....YES shes a 18month old going on 5......she runs the house...
LOOK AT THEM DUDE>>>>>>>> my heaven I tell you...just because Im a single MOm doesnt stop me and my family from thriving I love them to death
My Lovely Monsters They are sooooo good to me and I try and do the very best I can for them....<3 Well, thats about it...Im so tired I want to cut all my coupons out already but Im passing out....before I go 50 cent talked about special needs kids on his twitter!! Please with his ugly ass!!! lol...I mean cmon hes not handsome, and needs to realize just because all the dummies that like him made him rich does make him above....We all are going back them same way came....so...check yourself 50 cent....I dont think so...not cool at all. Abels therapist advised Abel would do good with a service dog. They cost 18,000 dollars... Isaid cool does the dog cook and clean....they laugh and Im thinking ....Im looking and waiting like this is not a comical question lol...... I dont know about the dog.....whatver he needs somehow I will get it.....I love you abel and maddy and Jesus Christ and of COurse Gabe. ;-)

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