Wednesday, September 12, 2012

One year since my brain surgery

Today is one year since I had brain surgery for a Mengomia brain tumor. If you read m previous posts you can find out how my year since 9/12/11 has went. Im very proud reach this milestones with ease and with so much change. What I would like to do is give some advice to someone going through what I went through before and after brain surgery. Alot of things go through your mind when your told you have a brain tumor...and even more when you are told you have to have brain surgery. Here is some advice. 1. Dont worry it wont help you.. 2. PRAY and PRAY and PRAY if you dont know God find God now its not to late. 3. Look at the good that is happening to you no matter how bad it seems or feels or even is. 4. Smile. Smile at everyoneno matter what and understand everyone is going to ask questions and try to help let them. Let them help you in anyway they can. 5.Enoy the air, enjoy the sun and enjoy your family and your life. 6. Dont let no one take your happiness, your joy and your love you will be glad you did. IF you are worried, scared feeling like your going crazy send me your email...becasue I too was doing the same thing and If i can help I will. God Bless and happy Anniversary to brain tumorless life.

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