Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Single Moms on Halloween..

Im having a blast...me amd the kids were getting ready for Halloween. Abel will be superman and Maddy tinkerbell. I was looking at them both while they watched Halloween cartoons their little faces so excited to get Candy tommorow. I wish I can keep them so small. They are so innocent to the world..they are so precious like two little glass doves on a shelf that if someone bumps it they could break. I cant stress more than over as a parent my goals for them is to create postive memories. I want them to remember their childhood and remember it golden. Im so tired. I feel like a Ton of bricks fell on me...but I have so much to continue doing...and have done today...I think as single moms....we just get used to the hardships of single parenting. Things like being tired are just part of our deal. I wouldnt be tired foranyone else...Good night World....Im watching Abel so happy watching Nightmare before Christmas on my phone he keeps singing this is halloween this is halloween.....Feeling so blessed to hear him sing.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Neurologist...FOr abel

Im going to a appointment for Abel to see about a neurologist and a developmental audiologist for my baby boy. I had a talk with his teacher and she says his class is not doing well for him. I didnt understand because i think he loves going to school, and improves all the time in his communication just from school. She said she is not sure of what he knows since he repeats everything. He does repeat at home but not every single thing. In not going to lose hope. I refuse to let this get a hold of my son and me. I refuse to accept that no one really knows the true reason of his speech problems and I will do everything and anything until we find out. This weekend I was blessed with a women's Retreat with My church in Payson, Arizona.

I prayed so hard for everyone I know. My number one prayer was for my baby boy. The holy spirt was there I could feel it in my tummy, I cried and cried the last nights service cause I prayed I said God here is all my problems on my back. Im going to let them go right now...to you. I pray that you handle them the way you want and the ball is already rolling. I love you Jesus thank you for telling me what I need to do to save my son. xoxoxox

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Of everything Im doing in my crazy Life I finally brought my pride and Joy up to par. WWW.PHOENIXPRINCESS.COM This is my baby...let me know what you think.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Everything continues to go well in my business venture. The halfway house business is a very tricky one to understand but I am getting really and better on how it goes. We get people in they leave they stay. I worry about how to feed them, keep the cable on, and etc etc. I also assist them with their needs social and home needs. Im really proud of how I created work for myself. Its was I love to do. Im praying hard for my Nonprofit application to be done...and I cant start applying for grants. Its almost like Im at a stand still but in time...and hard work...I will create my agency.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pre-cooking Meals for the week.

Doesnt it sound long and time consuming?? pre-cooking for the week. YES people it is. This is something I am adapting to me and the kids lifestyles actually staying out of a drive thru. I cooked a huge Lasanga last sunday which fed me, the kids, my brother Gabe and anyone else who came to the house. I managed to keep us out of the drive thru this week. I made Pozole, chicken salad, and tuna salad. I think our bodies were in shock they werent eating some grease filled bad of crap like its used too because I feel like a million bucks. The tuna salad worked wonders. I ate five times a day and lost weight, gained energy and was happy the entire time. Maddy loved it as well. Abel not so much since he is very picky eater but I assume eventually he will understand that he must eat what I serve and thats the end of it. I am so busy so so so busy. I havent really talked about my new endevor to start a Non-Profit agency called Abels house. I opened a halfway house for men in south phoenix. Its called Abels house off of 7th street and southern. Its a home for me who want to remain off drugs and alchol and have a fresh new start in life. I help them with social service needs such as case management. Its really coming around and I am very proud and pray we obtain 501c status. Everything in the home has been donated and its very nice. We have three people living there and they are doing well. The house is on a acre and Im excited to put some chickens and livestock on the property. The economy was tough and so was my babysitting problems so what better thing to do then create my own Job. Im the boss and I love it.

My meals for the week I will update. Maybe it will help you too. It felt great to come home and have food ready made instead of stressing what to feed everyone. Something to think about.

Friday, October 12, 2012

ALLISON Tate Moms get in the picture

I recommend this article its so true. When we become a mom we sometimes lose our selves and things like "pictures" with us in them dont seem as important as they were before. Always remember we are still ourselves, and we are important too. It has taken me five years to understand and be able to process this. I havent bought myself clothes, shoes nothing really in five years. The new things I do have people bought for me. SO losing ourselves in everything, and wanting to create postive memories for our kids can be overwelming especially when trying to get that perfect shot, capturing their moment and even when it comes to ourselves. I always have problems with pictures because Im a single mom. Theres always been moments I want to capture with all of us in them, but no one taking pictures. SO.. im a pro at taking pictures of me and the kids with my cell phone and one arm. Its our job to capture those times and moments. They go by so fast and without a picture our kids could forget how innocent they once were. I especially want to make sure my kids have alot of pictures of me so they know how much I love them because tommorows not promised, you never know. God bless the moms out there who dont want to get in the picture...get in the pictures our kids will thank us for it later, our kids are beautiful because they will love us unconditionally for life. So thank you to Mrs. Tate for reminding the world.
Heres on of me and abel on his birthday weekend at universal studios 2012. As you see my pics in my blogs I took most of them. or asked someone to take them.. ;-) http://www.huffingtonpost.com/allison-tate/mom-pictures-with-kids_b_1926073.html?utm_hp_ref=fb&src=sp&comm_ref=false#slide=1601563

Thursday, October 11, 2012

gall bladder Polyps...NO THANKS

Seriously...life is a roller coaster. Yesterdays stresses then later more. My doctor called me and said I have polyps in my gallbladder that can turn into cancer so we have to watch them. I had a academy award moment afterthe call starting with WHY ME~~I would have been a contender with that monologue lol.. Well. I understand yes its only my gallbladder..but its more possible "cancerous" things in my body. I am very tired of surgery and health problems. I have been doing well I started to cook ahead for the week and love it!! I made tuna salad, chicken salad and lasana enough to feed fifty people..I put squash, brocilli, onions and everything in the lasana. I havent ate out and am going to the restroom everyday "bowel movements" everyday.... SO Im going to blame my eating habits, poverty streses and the weight I been carrying extra on me for five years. I feel like I lost weight already. I feel clean inside. I been ensuring I drink water until I cant take it. Little changes will change everything and I refuse to let the devil take my shine...Food is a gift from god. Mcdonalds...is not a gift...veggies and fruits are....I Refuse to let life stresses cause me to not care about what I eat anymore....and have been changing everything little by little. I refuse to let this Life Stress and The Devils Attempts to BReaK mE.....sorry Devil this girl Is in love with Jesus and thats the end of it... In the name of Jesus I rebuke and Bind all spirts against my body NOW!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New days

I havent posted in a while!! My computer broke...;-( what a bummer poor laptop. Anyways the world is pretty happy and calm over here!! I have alot to say but so little time to say it in. We went to Abels Developmental Pediatrician today. She has the tendancy to upset me really bad. She says things that are off the way wall about Abel because he is still behind in his language although he constantly improves all the time. As parents we dont want to hear bad things never right? I said to her You know I understand and would accept the fact that if there is no hope for independance for him as a adult but I really dont feel the same way as you. Other people that know Abel also agree he is a very normal boy, and they agree he isnt that much far from his regular age, and people mature at their own speed. Hes only five how is he supposed to act? Abel isnt exposed to a fast culture in our lives, hes at a more old school speed lifestyle for a kid in my opinion. Not by choice but im guessing thats how I run things focusing on old school values for kids I dont see no harm in that? She says as time goes on we will determine what is really wrong with his brain. A lil piece of me...fell off me it felt like and tears started streaming hard down my cheeks.
She thinks my son has no real future hes "intellectual disabled" so get used to him basicially she tells me. I asked her "how do you know" she says from testing...I said are you God? she laughs of course not....I know so you cant generalize my sons future I dont appreciate that. I didnt say those exact words but I did say somethings I dont want to repeat. IF you are a parent reading this going through the same things, dont worry. Dont lose hope. ITs so easy to try and figure out what went wrong...but theirs nothing we can do or did. Just hug your baby and pray hard and plan your fight to help them. Thats all we can do, thats our job as parents to get what are kids need period. DOnt be scared be proud. Go to your church and ask for prayer. Put your kid in things you think they cant do it will be awesome. Hope and faith and Love is the easiest for us to give them right now. DOnt let your guard down though. I have lost friendships because of confusion of people, got into arguments with people because they dont understand whats going on...which they didnt need too and be prepared for strangers to say something so just be prepared. More knews: I opened up a Mens Sober Living House called Abels House. Im so proud im trying to finish my 501c all for love to change the world because my son taught me thats the right thing to do. thing you can

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