Friday, October 12, 2012

ALLISON Tate Moms get in the picture

I recommend this article its so true. When we become a mom we sometimes lose our selves and things like "pictures" with us in them dont seem as important as they were before. Always remember we are still ourselves, and we are important too. It has taken me five years to understand and be able to process this. I havent bought myself clothes, shoes nothing really in five years. The new things I do have people bought for me. SO losing ourselves in everything, and wanting to create postive memories for our kids can be overwelming especially when trying to get that perfect shot, capturing their moment and even when it comes to ourselves. I always have problems with pictures because Im a single mom. Theres always been moments I want to capture with all of us in them, but no one taking pictures. SO.. im a pro at taking pictures of me and the kids with my cell phone and one arm. Its our job to capture those times and moments. They go by so fast and without a picture our kids could forget how innocent they once were. I especially want to make sure my kids have alot of pictures of me so they know how much I love them because tommorows not promised, you never know. God bless the moms out there who dont want to get in the picture...get in the pictures our kids will thank us for it later, our kids are beautiful because they will love us unconditionally for life. So thank you to Mrs. Tate for reminding the world.
Heres on of me and abel on his birthday weekend at universal studios 2012. As you see my pics in my blogs I took most of them. or asked someone to take them.. ;-)

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