Thursday, October 11, 2012

gall bladder Polyps...NO THANKS is a roller coaster. Yesterdays stresses then later more. My doctor called me and said I have polyps in my gallbladder that can turn into cancer so we have to watch them. I had a academy award moment afterthe call starting with WHY ME~~I would have been a contender with that monologue lol.. Well. I understand yes its only my gallbladder..but its more possible "cancerous" things in my body. I am very tired of surgery and health problems. I have been doing well I started to cook ahead for the week and love it!! I made tuna salad, chicken salad and lasana enough to feed fifty people..I put squash, brocilli, onions and everything in the lasana. I havent ate out and am going to the restroom everyday "bowel movements" everyday.... SO Im going to blame my eating habits, poverty streses and the weight I been carrying extra on me for five years. I feel like I lost weight already. I feel clean inside. I been ensuring I drink water until I cant take it. Little changes will change everything and I refuse to let the devil take my shine...Food is a gift from god. not a gift...veggies and fruits are....I Refuse to let life stresses cause me to not care about what I eat anymore....and have been changing everything little by little. I refuse to let this Life Stress and The Devils Attempts to BReaK mE.....sorry Devil this girl Is in love with Jesus and thats the end of it... In the name of Jesus I rebuke and Bind all spirts against my body NOW!!!

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