Monday, October 29, 2012

Neurologist...FOr abel

Im going to a appointment for Abel to see about a neurologist and a developmental audiologist for my baby boy. I had a talk with his teacher and she says his class is not doing well for him. I didnt understand because i think he loves going to school, and improves all the time in his communication just from school. She said she is not sure of what he knows since he repeats everything. He does repeat at home but not every single thing. In not going to lose hope. I refuse to let this get a hold of my son and me. I refuse to accept that no one really knows the true reason of his speech problems and I will do everything and anything until we find out. This weekend I was blessed with a women's Retreat with My church in Payson, Arizona.

I prayed so hard for everyone I know. My number one prayer was for my baby boy. The holy spirt was there I could feel it in my tummy, I cried and cried the last nights service cause I prayed I said God here is all my problems on my back. Im going to let them go right you. I pray that you handle them the way you want and the ball is already rolling. I love you Jesus thank you for telling me what I need to do to save my son. xoxoxox

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