Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New days

I havent posted in a while!! My computer broke...;-( what a bummer poor laptop. Anyways the world is pretty happy and calm over here!! I have alot to say but so little time to say it in. We went to Abels Developmental Pediatrician today. She has the tendancy to upset me really bad. She says things that are off the way wall about Abel because he is still behind in his language although he constantly improves all the time. As parents we dont want to hear bad things never right? I said to her You know I understand and would accept the fact that if there is no hope for independance for him as a adult but I really dont feel the same way as you. Other people that know Abel also agree he is a very normal boy, and they agree he isnt that much far from his regular age, and people mature at their own speed. Hes only five how is he supposed to act? Abel isnt exposed to a fast culture in our lives, hes at a more old school speed lifestyle for a kid in my opinion. Not by choice but im guessing thats how I run things focusing on old school values for kids I dont see no harm in that? She says as time goes on we will determine what is really wrong with his brain. A lil piece of me...fell off me it felt like and tears started streaming hard down my cheeks.
She thinks my son has no real future hes "intellectual disabled" so get used to him basicially she tells me. I asked her "how do you know" she says from testing...I said are you God? she laughs of course not....I know so you cant generalize my sons future I dont appreciate that. I didnt say those exact words but I did say somethings I dont want to repeat. IF you are a parent reading this going through the same things, dont worry. Dont lose hope. ITs so easy to try and figure out what went wrong...but theirs nothing we can do or did. Just hug your baby and pray hard and plan your fight to help them. Thats all we can do, thats our job as parents to get what are kids need period. DOnt be scared be proud. Go to your church and ask for prayer. Put your kid in things you think they cant do it will be awesome. Hope and faith and Love is the easiest for us to give them right now. DOnt let your guard down though. I have lost friendships because of confusion of people, got into arguments with people because they dont understand whats going on...which they didnt need too and be prepared for strangers to say something so just be prepared. More knews: I opened up a Mens Sober Living House called Abels House. Im so proud im trying to finish my 501c all for love to change the world because my son taught me thats the right thing to do. thing you can

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