Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pre-cooking Meals for the week.

Doesnt it sound long and time consuming?? pre-cooking for the week. YES people it is. This is something I am adapting to me and the kids lifestyles actually staying out of a drive thru. I cooked a huge Lasanga last sunday which fed me, the kids, my brother Gabe and anyone else who came to the house. I managed to keep us out of the drive thru this week. I made Pozole, chicken salad, and tuna salad. I think our bodies were in shock they werent eating some grease filled bad of crap like its used too because I feel like a million bucks. The tuna salad worked wonders. I ate five times a day and lost weight, gained energy and was happy the entire time. Maddy loved it as well. Abel not so much since he is very picky eater but I assume eventually he will understand that he must eat what I serve and thats the end of it. I am so busy so so so busy. I havent really talked about my new endevor to start a Non-Profit agency called Abels house. I opened a halfway house for men in south phoenix. Its called Abels house off of 7th street and southern. Its a home for me who want to remain off drugs and alchol and have a fresh new start in life. I help them with social service needs such as case management. Its really coming around and I am very proud and pray we obtain 501c status. Everything in the home has been donated and its very nice. We have three people living there and they are doing well. The house is on a acre and Im excited to put some chickens and livestock on the property. The economy was tough and so was my babysitting problems so what better thing to do then create my own Job. Im the boss and I love it.

My meals for the week I will update. Maybe it will help you too. It felt great to come home and have food ready made instead of stressing what to feed everyone. Something to think about.

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