Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Single Moms on Halloween..

Im having a blast...me amd the kids were getting ready for Halloween. Abel will be superman and Maddy tinkerbell. I was looking at them both while they watched Halloween cartoons their little faces so excited to get Candy tommorow. I wish I can keep them so small. They are so innocent to the world..they are so precious like two little glass doves on a shelf that if someone bumps it they could break. I cant stress more than over as a parent my goals for them is to create postive memories. I want them to remember their childhood and remember it golden. Im so tired. I feel like a Ton of bricks fell on me...but I have so much to continue doing...and have done today...I think as single moms....we just get used to the hardships of single parenting. Things like being tired are just part of our deal. I wouldnt be tired foranyone else...Good night World....Im watching Abel so happy watching Nightmare before Christmas on my phone he keeps singing this is halloween this is halloween.....Feeling so blessed to hear him sing.

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