Friday, November 16, 2012

Single Mom relationships..his kids...Our Future..

There comes a time in all relationships where either things go one way OR The other. Im stuck in between right now. There is huge story to tell of what happen between me and Gabes ex wife..but its not worth the typing lol...All I can say Is im unsure of where things are going anymore. I love him yes...but very confused. I do know one thing. My kids Love him to death. The kids sparkle when they see him. They are so precious they dont know what I go through on the outside. They just know love. SO I ask myself...what does a single momma do. Marry Gabe like he asked and deal with the constant of his overbearing ex wife and kids....OR something else?? I dont know what to do....Its not fair..Life is supposed to be Man WIfe...Kids...then end? right? Say a prayer for me world. Im at a standstill with this one. BTW Dont accept nothing but Love from the WORLD!! You are beautiful and worthy of all your desires in this life... I love you readers who are reading this. .Ill right more later.

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