Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Single Mom woes...

Like every single mom or any mom for that fact we worry. What if something happens to us, what will happen to the kids will anyone love them like we do. We have to have the best thoughts to put out in the universe the best intentions for it to send our kids. Our words have power and our thoughts have motion. Today I was minding my own business going about my crazy life and my Dr. called because I was supposed to have a CT scan of my neck and this was the followup appointment. I advised no one called me about a CT so they will call tommorow and schedule it. I have to have one because their is something growing on my tonsils inside my throat. I guess out of being so busy creating Abels House I accidently forget about this. I could ask why does this keep happening to me or do something about it. I was confused for the rest of the day and didnt know what was bothering until Church today. I was praying with my church and they prayed whatever is ailing someone health wise, keeping them down, making them worry attacking their body give them peace right now so you can heal them I started crying so hard because I remembered. I get so busy in my life keeping up with everyone at my new business, my life, Gabe, Julians medications my stress at home and wanting to move on the 1st that the only things that keeps me together my body continues to have these little things happen. I pledge to not let this get me down and dont accept whatever this is and command it in the name of Jesus to leave my body and never come back!! In the name of the father, holy spirt I claim my body and refuse to be a victim. I know everyone in the world is going through something so If you are, pray and let god come in, he will give you the strength you need to understand that life is beautiful and you are blessed. Today I think I have so much going on and get overwhelmed most of the time and dont tell anyone. I love my kids, I love my Gabe, I love my work at the halfway house....and pray to God that he keeps me going to keep doing his work for him. ;-)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Masectomy Sisters

Good Afternoon WORLD!!!!!!!!! You know theres something that I have talked about my blogs in the past in fact in the reason I started blogging...Its my Bilateral Masectomy I had in 2009. That is why I started blogging and just kept blogging about what happens in my weird little life and then came my brain surgery ..etc etc...single mom dilemmas you know the rest right? If not read away my life is a open book here. I didnt think till recently to really tell my story.about my masectomy it didnt dawn on me since most of the time as a single mom, I dont get to think its always survival mode for, like okay I made it lets keep going type of attitude that I try to keep no matter what happens. A good friend of mine Mom was recently diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer and they asked me to talk to her. I was so happy to help and realized I havent really thought of what happened for a while, even though I cotinue to go through breast reconstruction its almost like a normal thing for me now to be in surgery. When I talked to my friend Rachael's mom that night I felt a sense of pride that I could help her before her surgery. Because I know what it feels like to wake up and I had no help before hand and wished I did. I looked for someone and looked for someone to talk to who could tell me what to expect and how they felt so I wasnt walking into something I had no idea. I felt proud to talk to Rachaels Mom and said to now we are sisters.

So I started Masectomy Sisters....Masectomy Sisters

Promote Your Page Too I hope I can and many other masectomy surviors help other girls cope and understand that they are beatiful and life will go on... Please help spread Masectomy Sisters Facebook...I hope it helps many and If you are reading this ..... I can talk to you...anytime.... Love light and healing... Mo

Thursday, January 3, 2013


Phew I been so busy I feel like my head is spinning!!! I didnt mean to not post, my life has went into overdrive with my new business, Abel and Maddy are growing so fast. Where has the time went. Well I will fill you in. My halfway house business called "Abels House" is doing awesome!! i am in the process of becoming a 501c charity which I am very proud of. We were blessed with many donations for the house and for the men which was a beautiful beginning and continues to be all in Gods name. Abel is flourshing and doing awesome!! We are very proud of him. Madison is doing soooo good shes my big little girl. On Chirstmas Eve we went to the North Pole Experience in flagstaff!!
Maddys Birthday was at Enchanted Island! shes two !! and since we share the same birthday im 36!
I went to the Cine Capri at the Biltmore and had dinner and a movie for my birthday...I cried and laughed the whole time I watched the guilt trip...drinking a blue moon and eating fried foods....HEAVEN right...Thank you Gabe!!!
In the middle of all the happiness my mom told me to Move out of her house!! on my birthday...Now shes saying she didnt but...Im going to go ahead and go with that...Life is to precious to be miserable or envious....Be happy Be gratefully for what you have because you have a million things to be thankful for.
I went to Accupunture Therapy yesterday!! at Turning Point Wellness in scottsdale... all I can say is wow!!! I recommend everyone see Melanie she read me like a book with all my health ailments and I found out im allergic to gluten which may be the root of all my health problems!!! I beleive that we are what we eat....and I have some serious overhauling to do with me and the kids eating habits. I need to follow up with my gladder polyps, colyn polps, stomach polyps....DO you get the picture somethings really wrong their...thats not normal that I go threw this and I Refuse to give up! SOmething cool last night my friend Rachael called me, and said her mom is havinbg a masectomy on monday she has stage 2 breast cancer and wants me to talk to her about the surgery since I has a bilateral masectomy. I was proud to talk to her and share my experiences. You can read all I went through in my 2009 blogs I was a mess. I was scared, I was lost but now...I look back and thank god for teaching me in those times. Cause now I can do anything..SHIT I went through brain surgery and a month later was substitute teaching.....I can do anything and so can you!! I pray you are reading this in the best of health and of mind. If you ever want to talk about any health issues or questions...Im here always....Talk to you soon Friends....I love you.

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