Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Masectomy Sisters

Good Afternoon WORLD!!!!!!!!! You know theres something that I have talked about my blogs in the past in fact in the reason I started blogging...Its my Bilateral Masectomy I had in 2009. That is why I started blogging and just kept blogging about what happens in my weird little life and then came my brain surgery ..etc etc...single mom dilemmas you know the rest right? If not read away my life is a open book here. I didnt think till recently to really tell my story.about my masectomy it didnt dawn on me since most of the time as a single mom, I dont get to think its always survival mode for, like okay I made it lets keep going type of attitude that I try to keep no matter what happens. A good friend of mine Mom was recently diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer and they asked me to talk to her. I was so happy to help and realized I havent really thought of what happened for a while, even though I cotinue to go through breast reconstruction its almost like a normal thing for me now to be in surgery. When I talked to my friend Rachael's mom that night I felt a sense of pride that I could help her before her surgery. Because I know what it feels like to wake up and I had no help before hand and wished I did. I looked for someone and looked for someone to talk to who could tell me what to expect and how they felt so I wasnt walking into something I had no idea. I felt proud to talk to Rachaels Mom and said to her...so now we are sisters.

So I started Masectomy Sisters....Masectomy Sisters

Promote Your Page Too https://www.facebook.com/MasectomySisters?ref=hl I hope I can and many other masectomy surviors help other girls cope and understand that they are beatiful and life will go on... Please help spread Masectomy Sisters Facebook...I hope it helps many and If you are reading this ..... I can talk to you...anytime.... Love light and healing... Mo

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